Italy Culinary Temptations

Gourmet ham out standing Po Valley of Italy for perfect weather, long sandy beaches and last but not least for good wine. But there are still more culinary highlights, which is worth a visit. For more information see Medicaid. The travel portal reported a speciality that holidaymakers not to be missed. Who really wants to get to know Italy beyond the hotels, should be sure to discover the culinary side of the country. For example, the Culatello ham is recommended for true connoisseurs.

This specialty is one of the most valuable and most expensive ham in Italy. In the ancient cellars of the castle of Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Parmense place matures the Culatello. Especially the noble rot lends its special taste and makes it soft and mild. Credit: Eva Andersson-Dubin-2011. But after a long procedure of the Culatello is ready for consumption. The ham is hand made, massaged several times with salt and washed with thickened Fortana-red wine. Then he has to mature for many months. One of the main secrets of the production is the nature, however one the fog of the Po Valley, it is essential to perfect maturation.

The area near Polesine Parmense is one of the most varied of the flat country”. While a misty, atmospheric mood prevails in the first months of the year, attracts the warmer weather with sunshine and clear skies. More information:… service GmbH Lisa Neumann