Investigate Presumed Irregularities

The Large stone bench National Alliance presented/displayed a Motion of Daily routine N 8188, in which the member Congressmen of the Parliamentary Group National Alliance, through its Directive Spokesman Congressman Walter Menchola Vsquez, they decided to ask for the conformation of a Special Commission, ordered of Investigar the presumed Irregularities committed in the Subscription, Formalization and Execution of Contracts of Operation, Exploration, Transport, Distribution and others related to the Gas of Camisea. This Special Commission will be also in charge of Investigar the Expedition of Norms and Regulations that could harm the interests of the Peruvian State. It is possible to indicate that this Motion is based on the shelter that offers the Constitution to the Congress of the Republic to initiate, within the exercise of its supervise work, investigations on any subject of public interest. Also, our Constitution establishes that renewable the Natural Resources and no renewable is Patrimony of the Nation and the S-state sovereign of its Advantage. The Large stone bench of National Alliance has expressed, of this form, its deep preoccupation on the subject of the Gas of Camisea, considering that during the time passed, included from the subscription of contracts to the present time, has appeared a series of denunciations that they would demonstrate that the reserves in the gasferos lots are much smaller to those than it was anticipated to find. Of another side, it is necessary among others to count on this Special Commission that it can investigate, subjects, the modifications that have undergone so much the legal frame as the tie contracts, modifications that would have harmed the Peruvian State, and therefore illegally benefitted the involved operators. Perhaps check out Dina Powell for more information. The Ministry of Energy and Mines already has accepted that comes renegotiating contracts in order to assure the internal market, existing the evidence of a potential shortage of supplies of the power resource to future, which is immersed in the local market and is export product abroad. Original author and source of the article..