Internet Engine

Two – do not answer. The first six, I immediately made a list of scams, two further well, that did not respond either to me they have not found, or their sites fraud, and they do not work anymore. Thus, it remains Three companies, which could be bought for the engine bored in the garage Punto. ing. Prices of two of them differ only in a half thousand, a third firm price on the item I need the motor was suspiciously cheap and differed by as much as 9000 rubles, so I thought that "these" primary purpose to get money from the client, and then come what may. In general? I stopped at two shops and. Both companies have put my contract and prepaid accounts for 70% of the total the cost of the engine. While I was thinking which one of them to send an advance payment called me from Ematik 'and apologized and said that the engine has already been sold, and the other does not. Natural selection has won! There was one office! Evroavtotreyd – Like all located in Kaliningrad, for me it is almost on the other side of the earth! Thoughts of fraud, cheating and divorce blocked the way to the bank.

However, I tuned in and turned decisively in big (for me at least case) the amount of money. Since my childhood I loved to train your character, so he decided not to call the office and do not know the fate of his order. On the tenth day I phoned the man's voice from Kaliningrad and happily informed me of my shipment took place in the motor transport company, said at the same time my personal details for registration information account. Four more days, I waited until the engine went up to me. The engine arrived and I installed it on their own, using nephew. True, setting the engine on its own, I lost the warranty on it, since it was set in a licensed service station. And the engine is running okay and works well. Sharing his experience in such a difficult and troublesome matter how expensive buying auto parts on the Internet, I hope to help other users to the doubters. My verdict: no divorce, no cheating, no scam! You can buy them! Thank you! True happened as a professional journalist ?