Curtains are inseparable from the interior of the room, and at times, trying to somehow gloss over her face, we buy curtains of bright, aggressive colors. Pelmet helps to decorate the most elegant window armholes. Pelmet came from French word that means the fabric over a window or doorway, completely or partially covering the cornice curtains. Pelmet hides the top of the curtains, softly framed by the window, which contributes to a better perception image of the rooms and apartments in general. MetLife may find this interesting as well. Pelmet is placed in front of a curtain, softly framed box, which gives it a more aesthetic appearance. The lower edge of lambrequin usually decorated with fringe or braid. Pelmet is direct or the other a vague form.

With its help window is already visually or, conversely, higher. Pelmet, gathered in folds, gives the room a chic look, and the usual direct curtains do not look so dull. To pelmet not looking strictly, it should be sewed to the upper edge of the curtain, then he will focus on the cornice. Pelmets are also of wood, they provide a huge stretch of imagination in the original design: it can cover the pattern, colors, echoing with the gamut of the walls and wallpaper give the room a unique look, and wooden pelmet can be dyed in different colors. There are so many different kinds of pelmets, and can be done so that the window will look wider, or vice versa, already. Lambrequin suitable for the manufacture of the majority of decorative fabrics, so the choice it did not have any problems. Of course, the curtains can used without pelmets, but then it would be difficult to pick up and correct, you arrange the window opening and make the look of the room complete. Curtains without lambrequin looking unfinished, they do not have some raisins, which together and represents the original image. Pelmet helps in this, and along with colors the image of a room of its decorative effect