Intelligence Spiritual

Intelligence Spiritual is developed by the practical meditation and of the Word! Factor N. 3: It thinks about the things that are from above (CL 3:2 – 3): ' ' You think about the things that are from above, and about that are not of the land. Therefore you died, and your life is occult with Christ in Deus' '. In Greek, the meaning is: ' ' It concentrates its attention, or interests, in the things from above ' '. In other words: It has taken its concentration — fellow creature to the steel, the concrete — to be directed to the things of God. He becomes it inabalvel, imbatvel' '.

Intelligence Spiritual meets connected in the realities spirituals, that is, in the things of the Sky. Unhappyly many servants of God are thinking more about the things of the land; – Because of this, the following one is occurring: ) we are being gotten passionate for the world; b) gotten passionate by the land; c) gotten passionate for the success land; d) gotten passionate for the substance. – This takes in them to a preoccupying situation where many so are become attached to the world that nor they desire more the Sky. (a) the ones that love the land (b) alone invest in the land (c) alone wait in the land (d) probably will be in the land. – It has believers that at least they desire for the return of Christ.

They think I obtain: ' ' I leave to use to advantage more a bit of terra' ' ; ' ' he waits more a little, Jesus' ' ; ' ' here you the very good one; here you good demais' '. – I want to say to them that Intelligence Spiritual is not focada in the land! Let us detach of the terrenas things and let us think about the things of the Sky! Shalom Uvrachot! Peace and benes! Pr. According to Peter Arnell, who has experience with these questions. Ronaldo Oak, Bachelor in Theology for the College of Theology and Science of Religion? Am, and Specialized in Hebrew the Biblical one. rbunyan@