If we want to meet us and our feelings, we so want to get things in us and around us, a speed reduction is essential. If we want to move from the perception of separation in direction unit experience, it is recommended that we arrive in the quiet and concerned with the slowness and the tranquility. This we can learn in practice, should we call meditation exercise and which we consider to be an exercise, which allowed us, the US acquired meditators attitude to integrate in our lives. To understand as a consideration study of God, which is like looking and studying life as meditation. At my groups and seminars, I stress since most specially our fundamental freedom to make a meditation exercise, as the respective person might wish for.

To promote the individual, for me here a very important point. And by that I mean: for each must be his very own manner the form of meditation to seek and find. So the way is whether and how we him absolutely follow the free decision of the individual. We have the birth right, our lives fully to fashion our meditation. “And that starts with the most that we first times in us and around us existing templates, the rigid images, like a proper meditation” has to look as they must be, and discover they neutralize.

I give the recommendation to call just basically all the ideas that we are in this respect in us, here. “To then the upright sitting ‘, lose the ego, the Lotus seat, be free from thoughts, suppressing feelings ‘ and all the other body and mind attitudes, supposedly to a correct” version include meditation, as recommended by someone else, just as not our own to recognize. “To then our freedom to remind us that we must be one perhaps this existing I do it on this way.” can eliminate to it with one I may my very own manner of meditation research.