How To Cure Fibromas: Optional Treatments

The Fibromas Uterinos or Miomas is developed, approximately, by 30% of the women majors of 35 years, as well as by many women who are crossing their more fertile years. Fibromas uterine is the most common form of pelvic tumors suffered by the women. These Miomas uterine is generally of benign character (not-cancerous), but despite – the same can get to produce a great variety of painful secondary symptoms, like, for example: abundant hemorrhages, that can get to bring about iron deficiency, obstruction of the intestinal tract and/or toilet, and severe anemias. Fibromas can be cause of sexual dysfunctions since it can cause that the sexual relations are painful, as well as are one of the main causes of spontaneous abortions and infertility. Medical treatments the medical treatments depend on different factors, such as: age of the patient, state of health, characteristics of fibromas and severity of the same, also it must be valued if the woman is pregnant or if it would like to conceive in the future. The conventional medical treatments include oral contraceptives, androgen administration, as well as hormonal therapy. The administration of injectable of Depo Leuprolide (Gn-RH hormone) that simulates the menopause, it produces the reduction or shrinking of miomas when reducing the progesterone and estrogen production, but it causes as well indirect effect, such as: resequedad of epitelio vaginal, heats and/or loss of the bony densidad by deficit of the assimilation of calcium. It is common that, once has been finalized with this type of conventional treatment, fibromas or miomas begins to be developed again..