Halda Regina

The sprouting of the Group Thing of Black brought new militant come back toward insertion politics, cultural and artistic, with initiative of Ruimar, Installation, Lucimar, Lcia Arajo, Halda Regina, Chico Black, Dep. Francisca Trindade (in memorian), Severino, Lucimar, Ildete, Ribamar, Installation, Geovano, Chiquinha, Gilvan Saints, Chagas Valley, among others people who had given its work for the fight in favor of the negritude. Together they had taken the culture afro with touch of afox in some parades in the carnival, through the alternative block. Iinciaram the spreading work organization of some urban black communities quilombolas. With objective to divulge the culture black, through afros cantos come of maranhenses artists, cultural promotions and to festejar the black beauty in day 20 of November, party in homage Zumbi of the Palmares, black leader greater of Brazil. Beyond inviting the Il of Salvador pra great party in the Square Peter II. But he had an impasse with a young of the black movement that made a trick and the staff of the Il created a racial process, but the promoter Alfonso Gil, (in memory) filed the process for considering one misunderstanding.

Artenildes with great support of Frei Evandro ofm and Joseleide Sister start to articulate a group of dance in the Angelim. With passing of the time the group receives the name from Afox. In its young pictures of the community of the Angelim they search the citizenship through the dance afro that they go forming the militancy afro in the rescue of affirmative actions. They are prepared together with to enter in the avenue with the proper plot the APNs. Zumbi makes the party in homage and brings the Bita of the Baron for Teresina. They participate of the folguedos, great party carried through in Teresina. Important other quilombola, Frei Fernandes OFM initiated a work of black conscience in the Afox group, in this period gave base for the construction of a fight that has made in Bacabal-Harm, in favor of valuation of the black culture of the places of fetichism.