Flow Airbrush

Which do you choose us to airbrush? Let’s look at what brushes are in general, try to consider the pros and cons of each! The first difference: Flow, lockable. Differ in a way the passage of air through the airbrush, in the first case, the air is constantly passing through the airbrush and in no way the amount is not adjusted. In the second case, the air comes out only when the trigger (trigger), and this stream can be adjusted! The second difference – the type of paint mixing flows: internal mixing – a mixture of air and paint are in airbrush, airbrushes have a mobile data needle, with the help of this type can hold the most delicate work. External mix – a mixture of the two streams takes place outside the body airbrush, airbrush this type can be attributed to the gun, the principle of them is similar, their You can iskolzovat to apply the background! The third difference – the method of management when using an airbrush: single action, control the air – in this type of airbrush is possible to control only feed the amount of air to spray, move the trigger on this airbrush in only one direction – down, the air supply. single action, control of material – in this type can be controlled only by the number material supplied to the spray trigger movement here as in the previous one airbrush in one direction – down to feed the material (paint).