Fashionable Dresses

There are four main types of figures: unstable trapeze, resistant trapeze, hourglass, rectangle. To determine the type of your figure simply compare the width of your shoulders and hips. unsustainable keystone If your shoulders rather wider hips and waist is not clearly stated, you are the owner of the figure of the "unstable trapeze. You will approach a trapezoidal silhouette dresses, dress "with a noose around his neck, one shoulder dress, dress waisted "Empire." Are perfect dress with a waist at the hips. Thanks to him, the attention shifted from the top of the bottom and the figure is perceived visually harmonious.

You are not recommended for dresses with sleeves, flashlights with wide V-neck, with crew neck. sustainable keystone If your hips wider than shoulders enough, you are the owner of the figure "stable trapezoid. Will suit dress with sleeves, flashlights, with a waist under the breasts, the dress stitched on the bias. Dress with a V-shaped neckline visually enhance and expand the chest shoulders. Not recommended for you to dress with low waistline, with a small tight top and a big, bell-bottom. sand watch If your shoulders and hips the same width as the waist rather pronounced, you – the owner of the figure "hourglass". You form-fitting dress suit or with a belt at the waist with a flared hem and narrowed. The main rule for you – a fixed line of the waist.

rectangle If you are the owner of slender figure, and your hips are the same with the shoulders and the waist is not expressed – the type of your figure "rectangle." You fit straight dresses with low line waist in the style of the 20's and trapezoidal silhouette dress in the style of the 60's. As well accentuate your figure to pay by direct silhouette. Choose semifitted silhouette clothing or belt. Do not recommend you dress fitted silhouette. Came the season of dresses – Spring-Summer 2007! In the collections of leading designers dress plays a key role. Dress – a very comfortable feminine attire that will make you irresistible! find your fashionable dress spring / summer 2007 from catalog Boutique-Online!