Design options also a countless number of baskets: one-, two-and three-tiered, with a holder for plates, bottles and compartments for various details. Scatter width of the section is also large: from very narrow to allow even fill a small space left after the installation of standard modules, to huge, allowing to set 'Carousel' and a set of drawers under the sink. Unusually convenient set of mesh baskets under the sink. It includes a U-shaped upper basket, allowing bypass of plums and rationally utilize the space under the sink, and solid bottom basket. Mesh baskets full Extension to mount to the front. Pivoting shelves ('carousel') logatask.ru – one device for comfortable work.

'Carousel' is a semi-circular shelves, rotating around its axis, which are secured inside the cabinet, opposite the hinges. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ebay. The right thing, you can easily get by turning the rack axis. Get more background information with materials from moshe victor keinig. For corner cabinets, there are 'carousel' to 270 degrees. With a larger device called the 'magic angle'. This rectangular boxes that are connected with each other as coaches, with the rotary element. The front one edge attached to the door. When the door opens the box and pull the leaves from a friend.

When the door closes, the boxes moved in the same sequence. Not forgotten and so-called column. For her, developed net capacity 'column'. The set is designed for installation in a cabinet in height from 190 to 230 cm can install up to 6 baskets. 'Column' Set full extension ball-bearing guides. After the nomination of the entire contents of a huge cabinet will be in front of your eyes and you can easily find the right thing. Argued that the more complex mechanism, the more problems with it. But, first, the kitchen mechanisms are not so complicated. They are attached is most often a simple way using screws and screws. Secondly, to break the design of stainless steel is not easy. Of course, any drawer you can lead into disrepair, if load it beyond measure, but with proper installation and judicious use of kitchen arrangements will serve you for years.