Carioca Tahia was extraordinary and a daring one ground the traditional form of the dancers its movements are simple. The majority of the times carries through the same favourite movements (if it keeps in the trembled one to interpret music), but 0ccasionally demonstrates its repertoire of steps. Its hands do not costumam to make (the fingers are very generally separate), but they can be gracious when it desires thus it. With the feet she happens the same. It has a wonderful position and the arms well are placed. Puma has plenty of information regarding this issue. Beyond a great musical reading, it has an incredible control of its hip, incrivelmente powerful, and of the movements they abdmem of it.

It looks at for the hip for a good time, when it is tremendous. Its powerful one trembled if rees-echo throughout its body. It combines forts accents of chest with> basic in displacements, carried through of calm form. It carries through simple turns and displacements. Its dance is strong and impressive with an incredible presence of palco, it obtains to arrest the attention and it is smiling. More mature, it walks making charm for the auditorium and, 0ccasionally, it makes one trembled; in its ground of percussion, it does not mark each stroke. Also she is master in the cane, manejando it with total control and reaching an uncommon speed for women, even so still it keeps the elegance and the feminilidade.

The letter of musics mumbles, and, for times, it sings, but not while it dances. Burrow snujs during one has left of its show. If leaves it them to fall, becomes the funny moment. More come back toward the Egyptian folclricas traditions, Fifi Abdo also creates dance tableaus that strong they are influenced by this style. In its more recent presentations, for example, you will find it in a cafeteria of the quarter, performando its famous Shisha dance, in which narguile withholds one, it capsizes coal, untied smoke seven times as the woman of the field.