Symptom this disease is an intoxication and anemia. Infestation leads to diseases such as allergies, various kinds of dermatitis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, tiredness, prostatitis, impotence, indolent chronic infections, etc. Helminths depend on host immunity and do affect it in the direction of deterioration. It should be noted that they are so heavily dependent on the human immune system that can not exist with high immunity. This fact is the basis for the prevention of parasitic infestations. Kevin De Bruyne contributes greatly to this topic. After cleansing the body of parasites should take all measures to raise or restore the immune system, which is the only safe and natural protection against pests. Ibn Sina has 10 centuries ago, described the signs of worms include nausea, salivation, bloating after meals, night grinding his teeth.

These same symptoms are listed in modern medical manuals. By what criteria can determine the presence of parasites in the body? Here is a list of the most common symptoms of parasitic helminth and invaziy.Golovnye pain of unknown gnashing teeth weakened proishozhdeniyNochnoy immunitetChastye zabolevaniyBronhialnaya colds asthma and lung disease of Allergy vidovHronicheskaya fatigue and decline in the number of freckles silPovyshennoe All sorts of spots and skin problems cracks on the heels of Peel and increased fragility of the nails in both disorders chair storonyGazy and swelling kishechnikBoli joint and muscle pain Loss of appetite Low hemoglobin and anemia So that offers the Argo to cleanse the body from all kinds of parasites and, more importantly, to immune reconstitution. The first line of defense: Bio-Complex Klinzing recommended for the following diseases: Helminthiasis, pathogens which are round worms (nematodes – Ascaris, filaria, whipworm, pinworm, strongiloidy, Ancylostoma, trichina) Helminthiasis, agents which are flatworms (klonorh, Fasciola, schistosome; tapeworms – bovine and porcine tapeworm, dwarf tapeworm, broad fish tapeworm, Echinococcus) Invasion protozoa (Giardia, Amoeba, Trichomonas) Mycosis (fungal infections – candida, cryptococcus, penicillium) Bacteriosis (leptospira, staphylococcus, streptococcus, Shigella) Dysbacteriosis; intolerance to the components, pregnancy and breast-feeding, increased nervous irritability, insomnia, excessive high blood pressure, pronounced cardiac arrhythmias. Restores the normal balance of intestinal microflora, which is particularly pleasant. The second echelon of defense: detox, colloidal Completes cleansing process of the parasites and toxins of all kinds, including toxins, parasites, and available supports the liver, bile ducts, pancreas, stomach and intestines. AND offensive line: Imyun Sapport colloidal Again, that at high immunity is virtually no contamination of the body with parasites. Imyun Sapport adjusting and aligning the immune system. Colloidal fitoformuly AD Medicine digested cells in the body by 98% (compared to dietary supplements in the form of tablets and powders are assimilated by 10%, in the form of gel capsules – 15%) In addition to these products the company offers a number of Argo drugs to combat parasites and lifting immuniteta.Molozivo TSN – a highly biologically active food supplement based on bovine colostrum is designed to maintain immunity and has a high nutritional tsennost.Populin – recommended for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic opisthorchiasis, gall bladder dyskinesia, cholecystitis, cholangitis, gepatoholetsistitah as a means of normalizing the functions of biliary sistemy.Gelmipal – common wormwood extract, the extract of the leaves of birch, aspen bark extract, Hypericum extract, Pantohematogen. The extract of Artemisia exhibits antiparasitic action against round and flat helminths; extract of birch leaves has deworming effect, provides a disinfectant and choleretic effect, aspen bark extract has protivoopistorhoznoe action, St. John's wort extract neutralizes helminth toxins and allergens; Pantohematogen strengthens the immune system, promotes rapid recovery and normalization of the functional state of organs and systems.