DVD Online

In the online shop quickly and reliably, the DVD copy since 1990 the DVD have prevailed as a storage medium and the application is versatile. The DVD must be made so that it appears favorite movie and the current hit list of music on a DVD. Today, many consumers attach importance to an individual design. But have some online stores copy the DVD set. The advantage of these online stores is that they are always available to the customer. So these services can be constantly invoked.

A special service for the DVD copy is the pricing. With this function, the consumer can enter its desired number of DVD or CD. Immediately individual and total price will be given. Therefore, the customer must always have an overview of the financial budget. A license permit is completed for each copy job. At this point, the right of use is regulated. Especially in the use of music, the customer must have purchased before the usage rights of the GEMA. Explained in own printed materials the user that this be own material is and that no rights of third parties are violated.

But also trademarks and licensing rights may not be violated. For small orders of DVD copy has established the online store a special service. So, the orders can be completed within 24 or 48 hours. Who wants to copy DVD as customers themselves, who can purchase a Kopierstation also in the online shop. Here are various devices available and the offerings are tailored to the needs of the consumer. The 1:1 Kopierstation for a series of 10 DVD copy is sufficient. Copied 50 recordings at the same time, then the 1:10 is to recommend copying station. Here are quickly and accurately copies the CD and DVD, as well as individually manufactured.