Doppler Times

That problem is described in (2, p.21): "Each redshift Z corresponds to the time in the past. This point is distant from our times at the interval, which is necessary for the rays Light acquired the corresponding redshift. We remind the reader that the value of Z + 1 shows how many times have increased the scale of the expanding world of the considered period before our era. " At the same time, physical nature of the red shift is interpreted as the result of Doppler effect, ie, shift of the spectrum of the object means that it is removed from the observer with a finite velocity. At the same time was marked by a fundamental fact: "The latest measurements show the proportionality between velocity and distance: V = HR, where H – the Hubble parameter. Throughout the book we made it equal to about 75 km / sec Mpc ( April 10) (1.3 10).

Value in parentheses dimensions of time roughly corresponds to the time of expansion of the state of high-density "(2, p. 13). This concept is similarly presented in (3): "Here we see that the redshift of the farthest objects that we observe: / = 1 + Z = 4.5 (- measured by the wavelength of any spectral line – its laboratory value). On the other hand, there is a simple ratio: R / R = 1 + Z, where R and R – the characteristic dimensions of the expanding universe in an era when the observed line was rejected, and in modern times.