Customer Loyalty

Customers win and bind with an innovative tourist concept in the long term. Each company is keen to attract customers, keep them happy and to bind in the long term. Excellent service and a good price performance ratio alone suffice but often no longer, to stand out from the competition. What is needed are unique features and the possibility to connect your company name with the customer with pleasant associations. Often little things decide about the booking of travel or accommodation.

Secret audio city guides to such a ‘bite’ is the so-called audio city guides, city guides in MP3 format for download. There are such MP3 city guides already for several years, but its reputation moves completely wrong still on secret level. And exactly this provider from the tourism sector can benefit: no matter whether hotel, travel agency, or limousine rental, with a tour guide for your Mp3 player or mobile phone of the guest or customer gets something new. No 08-15 advertising article, but a tourist concept, on which he will remember, because it is innovative and more freedom in the design of the stay or the selection of inspection targets gives him, because after all this is personal City Guide at any time and anywhere within reach. The audio guide as promotional items under the providers of audio guides for sightseeing has Laheri & Andres GbR, better known under the name of audio-city, not only various MP3 city guides for German and European cities in the portfolio, it allows their business customers also, to use the Guide as a giveaway. This is achieved by a download service, where the audio guide principle can be downloaded after the coupon. On the Web site of the producer of this audio guide giveaways, there is more information and a sample download via coupon code. Individual audio branding MP3 City Guide consist mostly of a collection of audio files, each of which describes an attraction.

Will you provide These descriptions now also with an individual audio-branding (E.g….This city guide / this attraction is brought to you by the hotel pattern man”), then the listener at every playback operation connects the company or the hotel of the city or other attractions. Also the audio will be likely his way on other MP3 players Guide at the end of the stay or the travel, because it is something new that you like passes to friends, relatives and acquaintances. The innovative concept, consisting of means from an electronic guide in conjunction with the download of promotional items thus promotion with minimal effort.