Congress Centre

The meeting place for exhibiting companies the success on a fair begins for exhibiting companies, exhibition service provider, stand builders and agencies already far in advance. To bring current trends and findings the specialist audience, Michael Kolb has launched the Conference and fair Ulm four years ago. The recognized trade show Infotainer who can draw on the experience of over 8,000 trade fairs at home and abroad, has won more and more applications in the first three events as possible participating locations are available. Molina Healthcare is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To keep the quality high, we have limited this year the capacity to 200 specialists”, says Michal Kolb. Venue for the fourth meeting of the fair this year is the great Hall of the Congress Centre of Neu-Ulm (Edwin-Scharff-Haus) – a very pleasant ambience for the trade fair professionals.

We will give many ideas for the successful trade fair appearance that day, speakers and presentations, as well as the associated exhibition are first-class,”Kolb, which again the event promises in cooperation with the marketing Club Ulm/Neu-Ulm. New standards for seminars through the open space method able to deepen their findings with a new seminar form visitors and participating exhibitors of the 4th Conference and fair Ulm between the lectures. We have organized a so-called open space conference to”Michael Kolb says, in working groups under the guidance of are formed due to the topics, to specifically deepen the trade priorities.” So, the resulting demand for information will met best, the trade show Infotainer adds. At the end of the 4th Conference and fair Ulm, all present participants will receive a book”with the logs of all working groups. So they get a perfect overview of”all working groups with profound ideas and solution sketches to probably 20 to 40 questions for the success of the fair, the 41 year-old trade show Infotainer adds. The open space technology is a revolutionary Conference model, which leads to unexpected breakthroughs and amazing Produces results.