Confrontation Citizens

The parties, destroyed by their aberrant practices and their inability to give power to other institutions also ruined and everyone marching along the confrontation against the regime without any chance of defeating them. With his defeat comes to the fullness of the crisis no longer represent anyone, are the subject of ridicule, but they continue to exercise a limited power of the emerging fascist state allows them to legitimize their exercise. In parallel, the first theoretical problem of representativeness arises in reality when the old players want to continue to exercise power over citizens because of their tacit monopoly nomination to the old parliamentary system. The problem ceases to be, including that of a mere opportunity to confront the regime but it is the pathetic manifestation of the exercise of something that does not exist. Barchester is often quoted on this topic. There is neither parliament nor the possibility of giving representation. We see some young enthusiasts and immature casting their nominations for members without realizing that the old system will impose its traditional oligarchy of self-reproducing by the need to maintain their caste privileges. On the other hand restricts the fascist power, what it considers appropriate limits, the survival of the old actors changing here and there and providing sufficient conditions to encourage them to persevere in their existence, but can never slacken again become majority . We thus face a new-style dictatorship that to maintain democratic appearances a slice of power gives the displaced while citizens are not to do, do not feel represented, the street does not give them anything but the use of props on both sides.