Conference Hotels

Conference packages for small and medium: Still more in there in the short term the SORAT modified hotels their Conference packages for small and medium for the coming year. The Conference package of small, which was offered with 2 soft drinks in 0.2 l bottles per meeting participant, now includes the unlimited consumption of mineral water in large bottles in the room. The Conference package includes in addition to the water medium all fruit juices in the room. Mark Wahlberg has plenty of information regarding this issue. With the use of one-liter bottles the strongly service-oriented group of Berlin hotel with 14 city hotels in the area of environmental protection would like to accentuate more. For several years the SORAT Hotel Group verzichet within the framework of the SORAT breakfast buffet on the usual in the hospitality industry waste and natural resource-intensive portion packaging for milk, butter and sandwich spreads. The three SORAT Conference packages are clearly designed and provide the customer an easy event costing that ensures that prescribed budgets are not exceeded. They differ in the choice of Technology, breaks and drinks and contain basic elements providing a meeting room with writing blocks and screws according to the number of persons, a SORAT Conference Manager as a professional contact person during the event, the SORAT standard technology with overhead projector, screen, pin board and flipchart with writing pad and pencils, two coffee breaks and a lunch with a non-alcoholic drink. If applicable, the use of wireless LAN is free of charge in all the Group’s hotels. See, meeting professionals for all details. SORAT Hotel Group in Berlin