Everyone strives for comfort, and in summer more than ever want a cool, clean air, sometimes you want to afford to control the climate. However, quite a lot of people are still thinking about buying the air conditioner. AND before each question is – how to choose the air conditioner. Let's choose together! Air conditioners globally divided into three groups: domestic, industrial and semi-industrial ventilation and air conditioning. Industrial air conditioning (system) – is such that the cooling capacity of 5 – 10 200 – 5000 kW. The objective of industrial systems is the uninterrupted execution of its core functions – cooling (heating) and ventilation. Semi conditioners are intermediate between the domestic and industrial systems.

They may have some additional features compared to the household air-conditioners to attract customers, with the resource and semi equipment reliability is much higher than domestic. To include semi-split system duct, cassette, wall, ceiling and column type, as well as wall-mounted split and multi split system capacity of more than 8 kW. By a series of household air-conditioners are used for cooling rooms up to 100 sq.m – apartments, small shops, separate rooms in offices and cottages. It's windows and mobile conditioners, as well as Wall split systems and multi-split systems with up to 7 – 8 kW. Conditioning on a design can be divided into two classes: one-piece, consisting of one block (window, mobile, etc.), and a split system consisting of two or more blocks (wall, duct, tape, VRF-systems, etc.). The most popular and demanded their kind today – split systems – air conditioners, consisting of two blocks, outside (compressor condensate unit) and internal (evaporation).