There are enough people who want to start as sellers or merchants through the Internet, this article is aimed toward all those who have the desire, want to invest a little money, but don’t know the starting point. The first thing to be done, first and foremost, must begin by following these recommendations: 1) sells a product, offering a service or perform any activity that relates what passionate about him, and also have the willingness to do smoothly once has begun. It can be put as an example that has taste for cars and starts a business with furniture for the home network. It is necessary that there is a similarity, as everything in this life. (2) Find the target market where I would like to offer the service or sell the product, as long as it has a greater number of people (bigger), is better. If you plan to sell parts of computers, it would be good to study if the local market demand or need, the same case for the international, if need it.

(3) Establish a budget and an estimated time for the execution of the business idea by the Internet. These days there are many websites that offer workers professions of first quality, dedicated to develop the idea that keep in mind, with a price and established, not met previous time limit can lead to sanctions financial or reputation for that person. I recommend reviewing these webs of free agency or freelancer, to visualize the reputations of all these experts online, there are companies very well recommended and excellent portfolio of previous work. (4) Do not put buts or frustrated at the time of starting the business, all elements should be are at your hand, the action force chooses you, not others. And some ideas to market on the Internet, that from my own experience I know that they work, are: 1) mobile phones and electronic equipment business: since they are fashionable, I have been able to sell parts of computers, laptops, video cameras and mobile phones through webs of auction, quickly, using both free market (for Latin America) as Ebay (USA and Europe). (2) Marketing of women’s clothes: with excellent results for some countries, though pay attention that clothes should be of good quality, the website has appropriate policies for change, as well as a good service to the customer.