Coco Chanel

To complete the image requires a bright and stylish detail. In fashion – long gloves, men's hats, shoes roundnose. Prints – 'leopard', and large flowers. Also, a classic combination of black and white never goes out of fashion. Vary only styles and accessories. This autumn, the relevant ornaments of pearls and crowberry-frill.

Remember, this image should be left to chance. And what about the evening gowns? When choosing a fashionable evening dress does not need to rush. Need to choose carefully. To begin with, and think decide what suits you best. You may be quite short or long classic evening dress.

If you want to look slimmer, then you should choose a dress that hugs the chest, if you are not tall and want to look taller, then you should pay attention to the dress with high waist and freely decaying bottom. This year, the fashion styles of the 80s, the length of the dress just below the knee and has a strict form. These boards allow the women to be gentle and modest and at the same time sexy and catchy. I guess as always, remained in fashion dresses with bare shoulders or high-cut, as a rule they drive men mad. When choosing colors, as well as mentioned above in a fashion classic – black, white. You can select a dress of blue, beige or chocolate brown. Not in any way, do not select dresses in bright colors. Still want to add a few words about the accessories, in particular bags. Coco Chanel herself thinks that it is impossible to look chic without fashionable handbags. By the way, a good bag is never enough J. When choosing a bag is worth remembering that the creators of such summer bags take into account the fact that women wear in the summer light clothing and light dresses, so the handles do shorter. In winter, the opposite. Although if so to understand there are no rules when choosing a bag, the main thing that it was convenient and comfortable. As for fashion trends? It's simple and democratic way, whether you will choose the style 'cowboy' or a bag with chains and metal, the most important thing is not afraid to experiment and create their own individual style.