Cleaning Floors

If you want to add to the list, just tell me and take into account your wishes. Whether it is watering flowers and polished floor. General cleaning. It turns on and washing windows, stained glass, and dry-cleaning carpets and polishing marble floors and chemical cleaning. By the way, the floors can be ordered only cleaning floors, and application of special protective coatings. The application special vodogryazeottalkivayuschego layer is not only longer keep the surface clean, but also prolong its life.

Again, all depends on the willingness client. Cleaning after construction and repair, cleaning up after a fire. Here is a list of cleaning work in detail discussed with the client. Machine cleaning and polishing the floor, cleaning furniture, dust removal and subsequent application polishes, cleaning mirrors, wet cleaning, waste disposal, cleaning of sanitary ware – this is not the whole list, which you will discuss. Rope.

And here we are waiting for a chic list: washing windows, billboards, blasting at the height of the facades, cleaning the roof of snow and ice, assembling jewelry for buildings, logos, billboards and even service any climbers. As you can see, if the previous kinds of work is difficult, but can cope on their own, these works are best left to professionals. Specialized work. Such as the cleaning of industrial facilities, dry cleaning all types of transport, cleaning and disinfection of swimming pools, cleaning up after holidays, area cleaning and other services related to professional cleaning. I must say that in the arsenal of cleaning professionals is a specialized leading manufacturer of equipment used special techniques, methods, quality detergents. All services are cleaning you can specify on periodicity (daily cleaning, annual cleaning or irregular cleaning). To determine final estimate and detailed inspection of a cleaning company employee "Blitz-cleaning" goes to the object.