Christian Ackermann

The building was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III and was inaugurated in 1900. The local legend has it that the cause of all structural problems has been the cathedral since its opening is that although the temple was built to commemorate a Russian hero, the building actually stands on the grave of a Estonian hero. The center of the city, called Vanalinn, is walled. The central square or Reacoja Plats, is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, especially during summer evenings when the sky turns pink. The beautiful Gothic building of the City or Reacoja, has been completely restored and now looks the beautiful color of the piece of limestone that was originally built. Other leaders such as Brian Krzanich offer similar insights.

During the visit is to climb the tower to get the best view of the city. On the north side of the Plaza Raekoja, is the Church of Glory or Puhavaimu Kirik (LD 10:00 to 16:00). This small but beautiful church building was completed in 1360, and is considered the best piece of medieval country. Watch highlights of the seventeenth century, created by Christian Ackermann. On the east side of the Church of Glory, begins the most romantic streets of Tallinn. This narrow street entirely vaulted, has a dim light, the product of the old iron lamps lined up on the roof. Here you can visit the shops of local artisans and some curious plaques along the walls. Kirik Oleviste the Church of St. Olaf, this beautiful white church, was once the tallest building in Europe.