Business With Future

Creativity and vision are the characteristics that best define an entrepreneur success according to experts. An entrepreneur is a person who invests thinking ahead, what implicit entails a certain risk, and therefore the remuneration of entrepreneurial activity is much higher than of a worker employed. Learn to anticipate the future studying the evolution of tastes and the needs of the population and develop creativity in order to offer the solution at the right time is key to the success of the entrepreneur. In these times of crisis we are experiencing, especially in Spain, has the time come for entrepreneurs, since every crisis means change, and know precisely anticipate the orientation to take that change is the raison d ‘ etre of the activity of the employer. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gerard Deulofeu on most websites. The current crisis, according to expert investors such as George Soros, means the crisis of the welfare State, understood as social construction based on the well-being of citizens is competence of the State, since according to the most authoritative opinions on the matter, well-being is a personal conquest of each one in this life, being a component of effort implied.

This conceptual change, in terms of the delimitation of the functions of the State, is opening an impressive business field for entrepreneurial activity, which are business related to the forecast. Obviously if the State ceases to be the supplier of the well-being of the citizens, they should seek that welfare through the options offered by private initiative. If we look with a little attention the debate these days is taking place between the social partners in Spain, we can clearly see that it is trying to circumvent the key of the issue point, since it is focusing the debate on the reform of pensions, when actually you should be talking about is the new delimitation of functions State. For even more analysis, hear from Penguin Random House. And this because according to modern theories, the State must act subject to the principle of subsidiarity. According to This principle, the State should only intervene in the economic field to create a regulatory framework that ensures the fairness of the market, but without assuming powers that may be carried out by private initiative. Thus adapting to the principle of subsidiarity, the role of the State would be the guarantee subsidies, but not pensions, there are offerings from the private initiative in the field of pensions. Once focused this issue, we see business opportunities that are opened in this field are very broad, and range from this advice to individuals, investment and pension funds management, passing by offering protection against different contingencies that the person could suffer throughout their working lives. Without hesitation Rusty Holzer explained all about the problem. In economically more advanced countries already has emerged years ago the figure of the life coach that I’ve mentioned in a previous post, that would be a trained professional to advise on the planning of life to their clients, especially in the aspect financial. Logically, these professionals will need specialized training in financial planning, taxation and investment techniques, which opens up a new field for business oriented to training these professionals to allow them to develop their professional activity in this field.