British General Medical Council

Convenient online ordering of lifestyle drugs who would like to purchase medicines today, thinks directly on the Internet. However, care must be taken, there are many providers that offer counterfeit or also cause problems at customs. Learn more at this site: MetLife. When doctor & pharmacy, the imprint can be checked one should indeed always do this before they where ordered. The doctor & pharmacy offers the 24-hour express delivery of a variety of drugs and medicines in the area of hypertension, prevention, eating and obesity and other medical areas, their patients want to be treated like also discreetly. The special feature in addition to the wide range of remedies and their quick shipping is the fact that the customer needs a prescription from his doctor for prescription drugs.

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Otherwise, the customer can choose his preferred method of payment at the end of the order process between credit card payment, cash on delivery, prepayment or clickandbuy. The medical consultation, the Rezeptausstellungn and the shipping costs are included in the price. The company doctor & pharmacy is headquartered in England, has been working since 2004 in this kind of customer service and thus experience can offer to its customers. All medicinal products offered on the website doctor & pharmacy are by a pharmacy licensed in the EU shipped by UPS Express service. The show can be traced easily using the multi-digit Trackingcode directly via the website of doctor & pharmacy. In addition to the shipping of drugs the provider has established also an advice hotline for all working days between 10 and 19: 00, the can is be sniffed above all to own the ordered drug treatment. All drugs offered by doctor & pharmacy are original medicines and are choosing shipping carefully checked by the competent pharmacists. The offer is subject to according to the seat in England of the British General Medical Council (GMC) authority and is bound by EU directives. All participating doctors and pharmacists are registered in their country of origin. Also, the company complies with the EU directives on data protection and data transmission security provides the customer with the use of recognized programs of VeriSign and McAfee Security.