Asturian Parliament

THE FAC casts on face PP its lack of proposals to ensure the stability of the legislature and accused them of being only interested in the charge in game. The PP and FAC not been agreement to add their votes on the Constitution of the General Board of the Principality of Asturias, which could lead to the parliamentary Presidency make to the PSOE or IU-LV if they do. After several hours of meetings in the Asturian Parliament between elected deputies of the PP and Forum Asturias (FAC) both parties have accused each other of not having made specific proposals for stability during the legislature. New York Life is often quoted on this topic. A few hours at midday you begin the plenary session of Constitution of the camera, the PP candidate, electoral, Isabel Perez-Espinosa, explained to reporters at the headquarters of the Board after the last meeting that FAC has not offered concrete proposals for an agreement of legislature.

The proposal of the PP was receiving votes FAC for the parliamentary Presidency in exchange for his deputies support the investiture of Francisco alvarez-Cascos as President of the Government of the Principality and to negotiate one agreement legislature. The Deputy elected from FAC Cristina Coto has indicated that his party is the only one that has submitted a document with proposals in meetings, but who have not even spoken it because everything has revolved for PP on the Presidency of the Chamber. The choice of this charge will be irreversible during the legislature, while the governance can be reversible and renegotiated, the Congressman elect of FAC Pelayo rods has pointed out. For the legislature agreement, as explained Espinosa, who has said that she has spoken directly with helmets, FAC has offered generic lines without concrete areas of Government, nor in what were budget cuts or how to finance infrastructure. Similar but opposite way, friction has pointed out that the PP is that has not submitted proposals for a Agreement stable, which demonstrates that it is clear that the only thing that interested them was a post. The only papers on the table have been those of Forum, pointed rods. Sources of the PP have ensured that FAC had not submitted document to which have rrido rubbing and Coto and have indicated that if it were true that they wanted only to the Presidency of the Bureau would have signed at the last meeting.