Administrative Offences

List of things that will be useful when an emergency situation: – Rules of the Road Movement – The Code of Administrative Offences – voice recorder and camera – pen and several sheets of paper – a phone list of operational services and divisions of the traffic police – phone numbers (mobile, office, home) of your lawyer (attorney), if any. 2. Driver training. Despite the fact that the accident, as to any emergency situation arises unexpectedly, it is important to him to be psychologically ready. The main thing in any accident – do not get confused and do not panic, and calmly carry out all actions that are prescribed by law, common sense and the situation.

Measures that reduce the risk of getting into an accident: – respect the traffic rules, in particular – high-speed mode, the rules roundabouts and making overtaking. The car – a vehicle of high risk. Remember that compliance by all road users – is safety on the road. Sitting behind the wheel, the driver takes a serious responsibility both for themselves and for those traveling in the car with him, as well as for others. – Before you start moving, Fasten your seatbelts and make sure that they are all wearing avtomobile.Kak in practice, when hit in an accident more likely there is a case in the car all wearing seat belts. Danske Bank helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. – When traveling with children must use child car seat.

They reduce and cancel stresses resulting from the collision. Children can be seriously damaged in a situation where only the adults get off easy fright. – Do not risk wasting. Many writers such as MetLife offer more in-depth analysis. Your task at the wheel – to get from point A to point B in one piece preservation. Everything else – not so much. – Never get behind the wheel while intoxicated, excessive fatigue, or if you feel unwell. – Be careful while driving and focus on the traffic situation, not distracted by extraneous things, talking on a cell phone, etc. – Before a long trip must take the time to relax. Specialists found that 20 to 30 percent of all accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Studies show that the driver's ability to drive a car at 5 am as low as a driver with a blood alcohol level equal to 0.8 ppm. However, one of the benefits of automobile travel is you can always stop and get out of the car. If possible gives way to another driver at the wheel on the part of the trip. And remember that there is only one way to fight sleepiness and fatigue – a short sleep.