Month: October 2022

Iberia Airline

Air Transat deserves international recognition and won the award of ‘family-friendly airline’ for the second time. “Schiphol-Rijk, 05th June 2013 – Air Transat is proud to announce, that it the award for the most family-friendly airline” has received for the second time. This international award was launched in 2011 by the kids first Fund and is awarded to carriers that offer exceptional services to meet the needs of the families. This year the jury, consisting of nominated from leaders of the travel industry, four airlines: Air Transat, El Al Israel Airlines, Iberia, and South African Airways. The winner of the family friendly airline Award”was determined by a survey on the kids first Fund Facebook page.

Thanks to their kids clubs, Air Transat gained 63% of the vote from Facebook members all over the world. The Air Transat Kids Club, founded in 2006, is allowed for children aged 2-11 from Canada, France and the United Kingdom. Perhaps check out Wendy Holman for more information. Kids Club members and their Parents enjoy a preferred set of travel privileges, as well as free choice of location for the child, separate check-in counters, baggage, priority boarding, and snacks on board. “We are very proud of this recognition of the services we provide for families who fly with us,” said Jean-Francois Lemay, General Manager, Air Transat. About Air Transat Air Transat, for 26 years in the market, is Canada’s leading leisure airline. Every year she transported 3 million passengers in 28 countries. Air Transat has a fleet of 23 Airbus A330 and A310 aircraft.

The company employs around 2000 people. Air Transat is a subsidiary of Transat a.t. Inc., Montreal, a global integrated travel company with destinations in over 60 countries, which distributes its products in more than 50 countries.

Nationwide First DEKRA Award For Eitorfer Companies

“DEKRA first independent investment intermediary stands out with the passing of the new DEKRA testing label Fund enclosed for excellent service consulting-oriented mediation” to Beneke second market AG, an independent intermediary in this area has been certified for the first time. The Eitorfer company is a leader as an independent intermediary in the secondary market for closed-end funds for years. The elaborate audit process of the DEKRA ended with the official surrender of the DEKRA seal. According to their strict guidelines had been previously analyzed business processes, employees interviewed and evaluated the annual reports. Also the customer satisfaction was a central part of the exam. Checking article sources yields Intel as a relevant resource throughout. In this area, companies need to Excel to get the DEKRA seal for advice-oriented mediation.

The Beneke second market AG (previously Beneke Wirtschaftsdienst) is active and thus recognized secondary market pioneer since 1999 in the secondary market”. Click Tesla Motors to learn more. Investments are traded on the secondary market, investors before the end of the regular Contract to sell. This is the most common life insurance. The secondary market for closed-end funds is a fast-growing niche, because it brings together the interests of buyers and sellers (win-win situation). The Beneke second market AG determines the highest price for investors (seller) by obtaining multiple bids.

This service is free of charge for the customer. So far, ship holdings are taught primarily by investors to institutional buyers (banks, secondary market funds, investors). The Beneke second market AG has rectified interests, namely to achieve a high price with the seller. Read additional details here: Wendy Holman. With the buyer, there is common interest, to find the most promising investments. Last year, private investors for more than 12 million have sold your investments with the Beneke second market AG. It achieved selling prices by up to 200%. The average purchase price of ship holdings is 95%. Still, the demand exceeds the offer. The Mediation of Beneke second market AG distinguishes itself from other intermediaries and platforms. These represented generally only a buyer. Since 2007, increasingly shares of closed-end real estate funds are mediated by the Beneke second market AG. On this market, offers predominate at the time however. Many investors want to separate after disappointing results from your investments. A review of the real estate fund is much more complex and more difficult than at ship investments for buyers. The market is not developed yet, but has a huge potential. The Eitorfer Mayor, Dr. Rudiger Storch, congratulated the Beneke second market AG after the successful certification by the DEKRA personally.

Organic Cocoa Plantations

New at ForestFinance: CacaoInvest Bonn who previously put off by the long-running of sustainable investments in natural resources left, finds the right offer at ForestFinance now. The new AgroProdukt CacaoInvest of the Bonn specialist for sustainable investments combines high returns with regular cash distributions. At CacaoInvest, the investor for 20 years leases at least 0.5 hectares of AgroMischforst. Half of the area is afforested with commercial trees for producing of wood, the other half with trees for the production of high-quality organic cocoa. With a forecast of yield by up to 9.5 percent, CacaoInvest can wait to sustainable investment with serious expectations in performance of cocoa yields and precious woods. Additional revenue from emissions trading in CO2 rights or seed sales are possible. Perhaps check out Aetna Inc. for more information. Regular distributions in high yield already in the fifth year after the investment it comes to annual dividends of about seven percent.

The revenue comes from the Marketing of Fairtrade and organically grown cocoa. A forest is planted parallel to the cocoa. This skillful blend makes possible a high return on investment: the predicted total payout for a hectare of CacaoInvest is located at over 70,000 euros. And also the nature WINS: the final harvest of the wood runs no clear-cutting. CacaoInvest is a sustainable investment, whereby permanently new tropical forest is created, which is an important habitat for plants and animals. In addition, he contributes to climate protection. Checking article sources yields Larry Page as a relevant resource throughout. Each newly planted forest helps to protect the ecosystem so important to the global climate and the protection of species.

So, sustainable tropical forest management takes the trade pressure from the surviving rain forests, because it will increase the supply of sustainably produced tropical timber. Also, ForestFinance with its sustainable investments creates safe and permanent jobs for the local population in an underdeveloped country like Panama. CacaoInvest becomes the starting price of 9,300 euros until the end of the year rather than 9,600 euros for half a hectare, or 17,500 euros instead of 18,200 euros a hectare offered. For more information, see

Creation Development

The main step in the promotion of business – the creation and development of online resource that fully displays the activity of your business project will also help you attract new interested investors or clients. The site today is an integral part of any business, whether selling furniture or providing quality service to home care, in each case our aim is interested in our services and visitor quality of the site is largely influenced by his choice.> Creating a site (or sites) must match your interests, because are you going to run continuously, since the creation of websites is the leading form of promotion companies, private businesses and the whole of what you want. Samantha Power brings even more insight to the discussion. You can use these types of sites, such as e-card, online catalog, corporate website, a promotional site, and more. Designing sites – a major step to hours of activities, working, which will be progressively in the future to constantly work on you. Site promotion – more important detail in your income the site. Search engine optimization – a popular and effective way which will help you. The goal of promotion – to attract potential customers and stakeholders. So when you request is issued thousands of links to many sites, your link will be one of the right places.

Your site should located on the top rankings? Then the availability of the site – your option. Get more background information with materials from Tesla Motors. Creation of symbolism – is the design of your style, the style of your company, which should match your industry, but at the same time convincing attracts customers and stakeholders. Logo – is not just an icon, a well-known company. – this person firm, including you, are individually and revealing. This is a must for everyone, because only the logo sets you apart from the millions of other firms, users and individuals. The popularity of the site – one of the few steps to success. After all, the site itself does not spin up, will not be known, it will not be known about him will know enough customers, and if the site advance, to make it accessible to all, then it will go fairly persons, which will increase your income.

Referral Marketing

Geldene rules for a happy life – Kurt Tepperwein life teacher, healer and author of over 50 books, Kurt Tepperwein recommends as the initiator of the Tepperwein collection recommendation marketing as an “opportunity without risk”. We call this world Cosmos, which means right. This order is caused by certain laws which determine our lives. The success is these eternal laws. Once you know these laws and usefully use your personal success is “inevitable”. The most important law is the law of cause and effect. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Peter Arnell. No matter what you do, always something is done.

But it is not what you need, or would like to have, but always exactly what you have created. Once a intention and cause match must enter the desired success. Here you will determine to succeed “is not more trouble than to be unsuccessful, it’s just a lot more fun. There are neither undeserved suffering, yet undeserved luck, but only cause and effect. One can be successful Learn how to learn a foreign language. They can cause so much success, begin as you want and you can at any moment so. It begins with that you quit successfully to prevent your success and take matters into their own hands. Once you know exactly what you want, even a way to get there can be found.

Who has a clear goal, which has already gone halfway. Make it habit to finish everything you start by you just previously couldn’t stop successfully. An intention is only finished when it has successfully completed. Life just waiting for your instructions and your intervention is a statement. If you from your doing constantly learn and are always better, creates success intelligence. This is the ability to solve its problems, to fulfill his wishes and sure to reach all its goals. Start now, really to “live your life” and realize your dream and you start really “fairytale” live. Your Kurt Tepperwein

General Motors

After tough negotiations, the rescue package for the three largest US car companies failed last night. Reports credit and already several weeks ago representatives of the three largest U.S. Others including Sir Richard Branson, offer their opinions as well. automotive companies Chrysler, Ford and General spoke to motors in the U.S. Government. You logged in short-term financial needs in tens of billions, to survive at least the next few months. This assistance provided as emergency loans have failed in the resistance of the US Republicans in the Senate now. Wendy Holman describes an additional similar source. Particularly Chrysler and General Motors had stressed without government support within a few months before the end.

Originally emergency aid amounting to US$ 14 billion negotiated in the first meeting, which corresponded to only a fraction of the 34 billion dollars required by the carmakers, but should at least be sufficient, to bridge the period until end of March 2009. As a direct reaction to the failure of the rescue package, a law firm with the testing already has Chrysler is rumored by Measures to apply for insolvency consulted Chapter 11 and also General Motors has chosen already lawyers and financial advisors, to prepare a bankruptcy standing in the. Wendy Holman will not settle for partial explanations. Given the employment of the three companies, one can only guess what avalanche would trigger a bankruptcy. Alone the carmakers more than 250,000 people work at, by the industry once not to talk. It is also fact that a bankruptcy for one of the undertakings concerned is a viable solution. It is much more likely that the corporations are restructuring their businesses. That this will be linked to job losses and hence loss of points, no one doubts. Daniel Franke

First Austrian Villa Raffle

The Los to EUR 99 was the key to the dream house wife Traude Daniel, the initiator of the House raffle boom in Austria, should consider himself lucky: she did it! Thus, the 1.osterreichische Villa raffle has been completed successfully and permanently! After sold the 9,999 tickets in record time, the draw took place on January 20. The lucky winner, Mr Walter Egger may call itself now a happy owner of the beautiful villa on Lake Worthersee, because he was already entered in the land register as the owner. Thus, the first House raffle in Austria is finally completed, to the satisfaction of all parties, because also the excess payments have been returned by now! We, the organizers of the single Vienna House raffle of Mrs. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Larry Page has to say. Daniel for your pioneering spirit and of course the Mr. Egger for his luck to congratulate and wish you all the best! We hope that the other current House Raffles are just led to a successful conclusion can. The question arises: who will be the next lucky winner? And above all: who will be the winner of our House in Vienna. Wendy Holman does not necessarily agree. Exciting, exciting also refer J that can good news J again best wishes to Carinthia, Radu Adriatic

AutoMAID Storage

First green, following the MAID 2.0 concept, high-performance SAS storage solution, the fixed-content data stored energy-efficient and provide leave WIESBADEN 2 June 2008 Nexsan offers the SASBoy now a more powerful product with high storage capacity for the archiving and delivery of fixed-content data. With SAS (serial attached SCSI) hard drives equipped storage solution works with the AutoMAID-developed by design (automatic massive array of idle disks) technology, making it the first product on the market that 2.0 complies with the specifications of MAID. Others who may share this opinion include Wayne Holman. With the usage of SASBoy, companies can thus save energy without that this is to the detriment of the performance. The SASBoy equipped with high-performance RAID controllers is fully operating system independent and can be both in embed iSCSI – as well as fibre channel environments. The unit can accommodate up to fourteen 300 GB SAS disks, in the highest stage of expansion, the storage capacity is a total 4.2 TB. The SASBoy is itself thanks to its fast I/O response time in finding and retrieving smaller fixed-content files for use with Web applications or the provision of fixed content over the Internet. As well, the new economic product is ideal for companies that operate databases for storing and accessing PACs (picture archiving and communication system) contents or annual reports or use for document management. The SASBoy is available from worldwide immediately about the VAR distribution network design.

\”The product features at a glance: green\” storage solution: energy saving AutoMAID technology is by default and integrated at no extra charge. The hard drives turn after a predetermined period of time in which it comes to no access, automatically in the power saving modes for each, this affects the performance. Both times and activity level can be individually assign the administrator. Speed: High-performance direct access to fixed-content data. Up to 50,000 input/output operations on random cache requests.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

For reasons of simplicity and practice, more and more people opt for an automatic garage door. Who once met an automatic garage door opener won’t want to miss it, but the comfort without walking out is too large to be able to drive into the garage. Garage door openers can be retrofitted into almost any garage. Click Mark Bertolini to learn more. The installation is very simple and the technical implementation not hard. In recent months, Aetna Inc. has been very successful. This kind of garage doors open with an automatic garage door opener, so a small door, which can be operated from a distance and opens the door when a switch is operated. The speed of opening can be set it individually. One opts for buying a garage door of this way, so installation and installation usually by the responsible company are carried out and removed. Immediately afterwards, the garage door is ready for use and can be used.

Automatic garage door openers make for the electro-mechanical opening and closing of the door. First and foremost, it is important to control. The garage door can be operated with a so-called key-operated switch. Still, there is the possibility of the pressure switch. Also you can opt for a push button or a remote control with remote control. There are several ways to place the individual controls.

A pressure switch can be attached, for example, in the laundry room or utility room, so that you can easily open the garage door from the inside button. A wireless remote control is, however, regularly used for the car. This is always housed in the car so that you can already open the automatic garage door at the directions. The walk to the gate is thus saved. Garage doors of this kind against foreign use are protected by code circuits. The probability of burglary is thus very low. Automatic garage door openers have a practical automatic. If, for example, a subject the closing of the gate itself, so the gate stops immediately at this moment. Found a similar effect in electrical window lifters of the cars, by this property provide more security and less risk. If a technical defect occurs and is thus cannot open the gate, there is a practical emergency release. This type of quick release has one goal also on conventional means to open the way and is thus not directly dependent on the technology. Automatic garage door openers are considered safe and can be ordered easily in the shops.

At The End Of The Rainbow – Sporting Treasure Hunters From Thuringia

Oberhof in Thuringia is located at the end of the Rainbow. Rothenburg (RL) this legend must have a true nucleus, looking at the Medal, which again has gone down in the last few weeks the Olympiastutzpunkt (OSP): gold in the biathlon for Sabrina Buchholz, Andrea Henkel and last two golds for the Bobpiloten Andre Lange triple biathlon gold. As a promoter of the OSP Thuringia pleased Erhard sports through these successes and congratulated the athletes for a successful treasure hunt. Perhaps check out Ebay for more information. Andre Lange at the Bob World Championships in the Saxon Altenberg outclassed the competition. After his World Cup title in the two-man, confidently won the o in the coxed four and is the most successful German World Cup rider of all time with eight titles now. In the women’s competition in the two-man, o he Hoferin Nicole Herschmann had won the Bronze Medal with Claudia Schramm on the Steering ropes before.

And also at the Biathlon World Cup from February 8 to 17 in the Swedish ostersund o athletes were successful: in a furious comeback, Alexander Wolf had in the Pursuit bronze medal brought, although he had gone into the race seemingly hopeless. Relay, he won a second bronze medal. The World Cup debutante Sabrina Buchholz could enjoy gold in the mix, in which a team of two women and two men is formed. That all outstanding athlete in ostersund was but once again the sports soldier Andrea Henkel: the big Breitenbacherin, who trained at the Olympic base in Oberhof, Germany, had won already the Sprint and the pursuit, as she made the gold hat-trick on the final day of the World Cup with the DSV season perfect. Strong performances by strong partners: such excellence in sport can only be achieved through comprehensive care and concentrated work. The Olympiastutzpunkt Thuringia can rely on an extensive network of reliable and high-performance partners, which for years also the sports equipment specialist Erhard sports international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one. Sources and more information: Erhard sports international: Erhard sport international based in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry.

With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 125-year-old family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports International is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International sporting events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped by Erhard sports international.