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Homburg Phone

\”Advertisers can not yet exploit potential mobile will evolve in the next few years to the personal information centre Frankfurt on the main/Bad Homburg after analysis by Jens Grunewald, Managing Director at TouchWorks must in Dusseldorf to the advertising industry increasingly grapple with the topic mobile marketing: when we communicate with the target group 14 to 29 years, we no longer get around mobile marketing\”, so Garrett to the industry journal horizon. His agency has created a mobile campaign on 15 European airports for the Calvin small perfume CK Into You\”. The travellers that were pointed out posters, to activate the Bluetooth interface of your phone. Then sent a mobile coupon that Exchange in the duty-free shop against a product was\”the perfume Croesus, horizon reported. The incredible diversity of mobile devices with their different standards do hard but the recruiters. The same offer looks on different mobile phones differently. This means for service providers that mobile portals must be shipped individually\”, quoted horizon the arvato mobile Managing Director Ralf Priemer. Many companies offer even a mobile counterpart of their Internet presence.

In these cases, the user sees only an incomplete snippet on his cell phone. Because of the small screen makes it on most cell phones currently still no sense on conventional, not the mobile-optimized Web pages to surf the images of HTML pages are too small, too cluttered and difficult to navigate. Innovations such as the iPhone’s mobile Safari browser show the direction in which the mobile Internet could develop and to larger Handyscreens and more flexible browsers\”, says Jens Klemann Bad Homburg consultancy Strateco. In operating systems, control menus, screen sizes, setting up routines for software, Internet access technologies, browser types and mobile TV standards each manufacturer go his his experience are way to set an unrivalled standard. As a result, the opposite will pop out. \”\” \”So must store specialists for creating WAP pages of information for some 4,000 mobile phone models in their databases\”, explains co author of the study, mobile marketing Kan\” mobile marketing, in collaboration with the magazine sales industry\” was created.

Conference Hotels

Conference packages for small and medium: Still more in there in the short term the SORAT modified hotels their Conference packages for small and medium for the coming year. The Conference package of small, which was offered with 2 soft drinks in 0.2 l bottles per meeting participant, now includes the unlimited consumption of mineral water in large bottles in the room. The Conference package includes in addition to the water medium all fruit juices in the room. Mark Wahlberg has plenty of information regarding this issue. With the use of one-liter bottles the strongly service-oriented group of Berlin hotel with 14 city hotels in the area of environmental protection would like to accentuate more. For several years the SORAT Hotel Group verzichet within the framework of the SORAT breakfast buffet on the usual in the hospitality industry waste and natural resource-intensive portion packaging for milk, butter and sandwich spreads. The three SORAT Conference packages are clearly designed and provide the customer an easy event costing that ensures that prescribed budgets are not exceeded. They differ in the choice of Technology, breaks and drinks and contain basic elements providing a meeting room with writing blocks and screws according to the number of persons, a SORAT Conference Manager as a professional contact person during the event, the SORAT standard technology with overhead projector, screen, pin board and flipchart with writing pad and pencils, two coffee breaks and a lunch with a non-alcoholic drink. If applicable, the use of wireless LAN is free of charge in all the Group’s hotels. See, meeting professionals for all details. SORAT Hotel Group in Berlin

Industrial Computers Manual

Printers, monitors, touchscreens, computer support, desktop PCs, keyboards, televisions, clocks and other sensitive electronic devices can be stored in protective cases. Vera Farmiga will not settle for partial explanations. Obviously, that depends on the type of device size and style of the case, however, from the area in which it will be, depends on the level of protection of housing. Choosing a body, pay special attention to the place where it will be applied. Different environment requires a different defense. Industrial zones, for example, packaging stations, travel agencies, warehouses and storage facilities are often dusty, so many buildings for industrial computers Dust. They completely prevent dust or dirt inside. The European IP rating, or an international system of NEMA is a good guide to characterize levels of protection cases. Housing for dusty areas should have a minimum of 54 points by rating IP, or 4 – by NEMA.

For areas with high humidity or dampness – such as food processing zones, the minimum rate of housing to IP rating should be 65 points, this will prevent the soaking of equipment inside. It is also recommended to use the housing made of stainless steel (316), which does not rust – it also must have 4 points rated NEMA. Some computer cases can be both water and dust-proof (which satisfy the requirements of both IP, and NEMA); such housing is ideal for any industrial environment, including heavy industry. These characteristics show figure IP. To better understanding here is a transcript of indicators of IP. The first digit figure indicates the level of protection from solid objects (dust), the second – a level of protection against liquid objects. Below – transcript levels of protection for each 414 Request-URI <a href=''>Too Large</a>

Cellular South Wireless

1.5 m large floating telephone attention in cellular Souths first concept store for its new flagship store in Ridgeland, Mississippi uses cellular South wireless latest display technology. Here, Kevin De Bruyne expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Interest information for current phone models and interactive features. These points are at the heart of the installation conceived by the HoloPro partner Intava Corp. of Bellevue, Washington. To broaden your perception, visit Mark Wahlberg. Already before entering the business, a 1.52 m high transparent, rotating phone attracts the attention of visitors. A video projected onto a glass plate with HoloPro, impression of a floating, which magically attracts attention. Through the use of the latest HoloPro, generation, in which the number of light distracting holograms on over 20 million per m dramatically increased sq, is the illusion perfectly. Interfering structures nor colour shifts distract from the content.

Cellular South’s holographic ‘floating phone’ display is a far cry from the creepy holographic jewelry of the 1980s, writes enthusiastically Redaktuer of the retail system news. The Intava HoloPro system presents Cellular South products in a completely new way, said Troy Carroll, Intava CEO. This Visual element draws attention to top mobile phones in a way like traditional signs cannot. The installation is complemented by 40 high resolution 7 (18 cm) touch screen. The digital fact tags show up-to-date information for each Cellular South phone. To get photos, features, prices and current specials. HoloPro and touch displays are controlled by a digital signage software by Intava. This makes it possible to adapt the content anytime soon.

Cellular South and Intava aim to realize a spatial shopping experience with the advantages of an online shop. To do this, combine classic digital signage and interactive touch display. Many of the opinion, interactive applications and digital signage are two separate things, which is mostly the case. as Troy Carroll. Digital signage applications support as a rule no interactive elements. That’s not true vice versa. Combining eye-catching HoloPro displays and small product-oriented touch displays, a variety of direct marketing possibilities. Future-oriented retailers should invest in technology that support both digital signage and interactive applications, future demands to be able to react flexibly to, so Troy Carroll. The inserted HoloPro was from G + B of Pronova GmbH in Bergisch Gladbach produced. The installation in collaboration with their American distributor of Brookview technologies, Inc. realized the Intava Corporation. G + B of Pronova GmbH the G + B of Pronova GmbH was founded in 1999 and is an internationally operating company of Gahrens + Battermann group. The seat is located in Bergisch Gladbach, outside Cologne. The company focuses on the development, production and marketing of light suitable for holographic projection surfaces with the brand HoloPro. But also special products for the deflection of light, in terms of architectural or artistic (E.g. under the brand name HoloSign) unless there are manufactured to customer requirements. The research and development of the company is carried out in close cooperation with the Institute of applied optics and electronics at the University of applied sciences Cologne. With the help of sales partners on all continents, 10 employees of G + B of Pronova GmbH realize projects for reputable clients worldwide.

WAP Mobile

New offers WAP Mobile users of vehicles videos, 360 -perspectives and local dealer search Kaiserslautern, July 22, 2008 has a new mobile Internet portal for the Land Rover family of brands young & Rubicam, US (Y & R), one of the world’s leading marketing communications agencies, implemented the SUV Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, LR3 and LR2. Developed and delivered with the mobile Internet platform of NetBiscuits, offers the site starting from now a wide range of multimedia content for all phones. NetBiscuits recognizes every phone that accesses the Web site and dynamically adjusts the content to the end device. The platform offers also iPhone users access to a separate optimized page. Including videos, picture galleries, 360 vehicle views and technical data of the four Land Rover vehicle types available are visitors in the Land Rover portal.

“Other interested parties can request a brochure and on the tell-a-friend feature” friends and acquaintances to email the link to the mobile portal via SMS. Vehicles by Land Rover are represented worldwide. It was therefore important to provide optimized content for the greatest possible number of mobile phone users”, said Kristen Myers, Vice President and head of digital production at young & Rubicam brands. Mobile Commerce is out of its infancy. Therefore, we wanted to create a mobile Web page, the maximum range with multimedia content combines videos and also our choice keeps development costs fell clearly on NetBiscuits. Y & R took advantage of the Web-based development platform of NetBiscuits to develop the WAP portal in a very short time. Objective was to strengthen the brand awareness of Land Rover among cell phone users.

The integration of multimedia content such as photos and videos, automatically optimized format, size and download time for all popular mobile devices, positive brings the brand Land Rover with innovative media in connection. Internet-enabled mobile devices, equipped with the right mobile rate, increasingly find distribution. Therefore, we observe Brands such as Land Rover, which show in the mobile Internet presence known to strong growth”, said Michael Neidhofer, CEO of NetBiscuits. Our platform ensures the optimal delivery of any type of multi-media content and around the globe. This is the perfect tool for all agencies such as Y & R, which want to ensure an optimised delivery and the broadest possible reach the innovative mobile Internet applications for their customers.” About NetBiscuits NetBiscuits, the world’s leading, Web-based B2B operates software platform for development, operation and marketing of mobile Internet sites. Founded in 2000, the company has more than 80 employees in Germany, the United States and Singapore the mobile Internet programs for international premium brands such as Yahoo!, AOL, screen, mirror, RTL, Konami, Sixt and eBay. As the market leader in Germany, optimized NetBiscuits 80 per cent of the mobile page views of all operator independent media portals and delivers more than 1 billion mobile Web pages per month. The NetBiscuits platform is available as a Web-based software service over the Internet. It provides all tools, interfaces and mobile base technologies for the development, operation and marketing professional mobile Web solutions online. Thereby NetBiscuits allows marketing and multimedia agencies, application developers, content providers and service providers, quickly implement mobile Internet strategies. Learn more at.

WWG GmbH Search

Google AdWords is no longer indispensable from the Internet advertising landscape. But bring the little ads at the right edge of the screen always the desired effect the advertisers? Marian Wurm, managing partner of Internet Agency WWG GmbH, doubted that and says many medium-sized companies put a lot of money in the text ads, are disappointed with the results but with law. The price-performance ratio is often not very good.” Therefore, his agency wants to prove that it is also cheaper. Marlene Dietrich understands that this is vital information. Instead of repeatedly putting a relatively high budget in paid Google ads, companies should be once found in the natural search results.” To do this they must land however among the ten first results. This succeeds only with a systematic search engine optimization. Get Google ad costs in the thousands for comparison: is paid at Google AdWords for every click a visitor.

When a search term such as restaurant Hamburg”, 5,000 visitors at least cost 6.750,-EUR (5,000 visitors x 1.35 EUR average price per click). Who ends up in the top 10 on Google, can be found by an unlimited number of prospective customers and pays nothing for each click. Marian Wurm insured: professional search engine optimization we bring companies at a fraction of the above cost in the top 10 of Google. It pulls quickly and lastingly many new visitors to the site.” Of course, Google ads can be then also in addition makes sense. Free website analysis now WWG GmbH offers all interested parties the opportunity to convince yourself of the benefits of search engine optimization. Who wants to know how he reaches more potential customers with less money, can request an analysis of his website completely free of charge and without obligation. In addition, the Internet Agency offers its customers a money-back guarantee 100ige.

The analysis can be adwords.html to the company be requested under as full service Internet Agency the WWG GmbH supports companies to prepare themselves successfully on the Internet. The Agency in Braunschweig programming and online marketing offers itself as a partner for webdesign, Typo3. Priorities in the field of online marketing are search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Online Advertising Budget

How well ‘sold’ to your website? Free website analysis of the WWG GmbH shows potential who is finding his website on Google under the natural top 10 results, can save costs. Costs that come with Google AdWords in the thousands. For comparison, Google AdWords, the paid ads at the right edge of the screen, company for every click a visitor must pay. A search term like lawyer Hamburg”5,000 visitors at least cost 10.150,-EUR (5,000 visitors x 2.03 EUR average price per click). Who ends up in the top 10 on Google, can be found by an unlimited number of prospective customers and pays nothing for each click. Quickly and sustainably with more prospects Marian Wurm, managing partner of Internet Agency WWG GmbH, insured: Professional search engine optimization we bring companies at a fraction of the above cost in the top 10 of Google. It pulls quickly and lastingly many new visitors to the site.” Of course, can In addition Google ads make sense? But not as a single promotion, because: many medium-sized companies put a lot of money in the text ads, are disappointed with the results but with law.

The price-performance ratio is often not very good”, so Marian Wurm. Therefore, his agency wants to prove that it is also cheaper. Instead of repeatedly putting a relatively high budget in paid Google ads, companies should be once found in the natural search results.” This succeeds only with a systematic search engine optimization. WWG GmbH offers free website analysis now the WWG GmbH offers all interested parties the opportunity to convince yourself of the benefits of search engine optimization. Who wants to know how he reaches more potential customers with less money, can request an analysis of his website completely free of charge and without obligation. In addition, the Internet Agency offers its customers a money-back guarantee 100ige.

The analysis can be requested under or adwords. To the The WWG GmbH companies to successfully prepare the Internet company as full service Internet Agency supports. The agency based in Brunswick offered as a partner for webdesign, Typo3 programming and online marketing.

Mobile Navigation

Mobile Navigator of zoneLINK Ulm – this saves you towing with unwieldy Navis, which neither phone nor can take any pictures. Because zoneLINK HandyNavigator, a complete package with mobile software and GPS receiver at an unbeatable price 89.99 euros, launches the next revolution in the mobile navigation market. Walking in the city, on the bike or car: Via mobile navigation and without bulky accessories, cost-conscious consumers find now always the shortest route to the target, without route fees. Perhaps check out Kevin De Bruyne for more information. The complete package of zoneLINK navigation software includes Dasortliche o-NAVI, simply played on the phone, and the award-winning GPS receiver BT-GPS-8, which connects via Bluetooth to the phone. From November 23, HandyNavigator at the price 89.99 euros in trading will be zoneLINK available. To forget the HansHans\”from the famous TV commercials at home or to carry the heavy Navi through half the city, sightseeing tours so belongs to the past.

With the extra small, extra light and already award-winning GPS receiver in your pocket and your mobile phone are consumers easier and cheaper oriented than ever. The GPS receiver that accompanies the zoneLINK HandyNavigator, is awarded with the iF product design award 2007 and has already test victory of the journal connect\”(auto connect 3/07) cleared. Convinced the device through the performance of the receiver, because even in adverse conditions has the device delivered accurate position data.\” Also see sputtered car windscreens. In addition to stability and design was crucial the long battery life of around eleven hours for test victory ultimately. The receiver is so small that it fits in your pocket and is liable due to lagging even without special mount well on surfaces such as dashboards, for example. The navigation software does also not: navigation in Germany and Europe (21 countries), customized interactive GPS control on foot, by bicycle or in the car, spoken local street names, TMC traffic warning system and above all always updates Maps.


The yachtsman Bernt Luchtenborg comes Bernt Luchtenborg at the finish of his professional dreams and at the end to Frankfurt as was a successful businessman. His doctor warned him about the consequences of his being a workaholic, but only a gift sailing trip led to the Carpe diem. “The audiovisual film show Meerlust days between sky and horizon” a five-year circumnavigation off the normal routes documented on a big screen to selected music. In recent months, Mark Wahlberg has been very successful. This circumnavigation was 2005 Prize awarded the coveted trans-ocean and honored with a medal for the demanding Hochseeseglerische performance. Extraordinary recordings Bernt Luchtenborg stories sea live the beauty of archaic worlds, idyllic Islands and the press in the sea.

Enjoy a trip to the dreaded Cape Horn, the Cape of good hope and through the Southern Ocean to the Antarctic. Images of the magic of tropical islands of the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Brazil, Madagascar, Seychelles, and the great barrier reef,. mingle with wonderful nature shots of the fire lands, the myth of the Easter Island and the primeval Papua New Guinea fjords. Get a glimpse into this fascinating journey, also under the following link: ZDFmediathek /… Location: country guest house “to the Bembelsche” Mainzer str.

Whether Superbike Shoppers

The Advisor community explains, what will paid at the start in the season should be and what you all can do with ultrasound CD cleaners and anti slip spray. Munich, April 07, 2009: Harley Davidson, Honda, Vespa or electric scooter: the streets are free of ice, the sun comes out and the bikes can finally be freed from the garages. Dust and dirt is now on the collar. For the sweetheart soon shine in new splendour, ten of the best tips for a perfect start to follow here in the season: Tip 1: carburetor, housing, needles, etc. with CD ultrasonic cleaning: it is not yet clean also with manual cleaning. Tip 2: brake fluid exchange: exchanged annually, provides for safer braking new brake fluid.

Tip 3: annual oil change: new oil leaves the engine purr again and smooth running. Tip 4: regularly clean the chain and grease: this simple measure increases the service life of the chain in the blink of an eye. Tip 5: Maintenance of hoses and rubber: rubber and plastic care products make hoses and rubber back elastic and durable. Tip 6: cleaning protective paste for hands: special pastes avoid too strong soiling the finger screw. Tip 7: anti slip spray for the seat: safe stop for rider and pillion passenger.

Tip 8: cleaning the air filter: A commercial vacuum cleaner is already sufficient to get the air filter clean. Tip 9: visor and windscreen Polish: polishes provide a perfect perspective and let roll off raindrops. Tip 10: silicone spray for the total renewal: This spray is the motorcycle glory shine and makes life hard for new dirt attacks. A good start to the 2009 season! about GmbH: is one of the largest Advisor portals in Germany. According to AGOF, 2008 IV listed 3.21 million unique users. The Web 2.0 platform it aims, practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users to convey. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks. They are based on personal experience, provide ideas and impulses. Contact person for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail: Web: