Zeca Mundongo

Now only it lacks one. counted, asking for that it kept to it as secret of friends, which were its two great dreams, in the life. The friend, much surpreso said to it: – Poxa, I am happy therefore, but how much to its another dream, ah, this not. Official site: Sarah Raskin. Account with me not. Which is, Z! You did not have one sonhosinho more levesinho pra to dream there not? This is one there nightmare, face forgive, me – Good, well, I counted to you in Ciri confidence, please – Not friend, sacristo secret is almost confession secret; the thing dies here. friend, as you know, is for all these things; it is or it is not? Many years had been transferred, until one day the old sacristo, already aged, high man and of physicist sufficiently avantajado, without more nor less adoeceu, and of one day for the other it beat the boots.

It was of these thus almost sudden deaths where everybody is stuned. Desolate the Zeca Mundongo ran to the house of the friend who finished to lose, and very abated he hugged the widower and the children, prontificando itself to help it in what it he was possible, but cad courage to ask for what as much desired to ask for? It would be an only chance, but it would not be well, with certainty the woman of the friend would go finds it troublesome, inconvenient. No longer cemetary, the very aflito Zeca saw all the family of the deceased encircling atade, and when already that sad hour H was come close, where whose it goes to have that to order itself exactly, suddenly it saw the widower if to raise and threshed in tears, high speech in and good sound: – It is the following one: a my husband, already almost without being able more speech, asked for to me that caderninho brought it its of black layer and a pencil, and also almost without being able, it wrote some thing in it and it returned the notebook to me, that I nor had more condition to read, because soon later that he wrote, it died.