Widget Widgets

In short, what is it all we need? 1. Kevin Plank has firm opinions on the matter. most importantly – it will allow you to increase the number of visitors several times. On the chart stats for my site. Connect with other leaders such as Jayme Albin Psychologist here. The main inflow of 37% on pripadaet yandex.ua (widget users) 2. Learn how to write (Understand) the widgets not only for yandex'a, but for igoogle, rambler and other systems that support widgets (gadgets). And so To create a widget to own programming, not necessarily.

But if you want can make i-frame or xhtml widget. Yandex developed its api for Yandeks.. For those who do not want to understand programming, Yandex allows you to use the services of Design Quick Start RSS-widget iFrame-widget xhtml We'll go through more file mywidget.html in a row Now we need to offer a widget for moderation in the regional program. If successful, this will ensure an influx of visitors directly to the main page of Yandex, as a list of widgets is displayed at the bottom right on the front. The more you are active users of widgets per day, the more likely there is to be. Put in a code on the site and beckoning visitors. That's how it will look your widget