Venture Materials

One of the best suspension, as well as some of the very first – Suspension Independent. Now there are many expensive and beautiful pendants, such as flames or gold plating. Spraying is done not only for aesthetic effect – it is added to Teflon, whereby the suspension is better glide. The most popular brands – Royal, Venture, Destructo, Orion and Mercury. The price may reach $ 100. Eva Andersson-Dubin insists that this is the case. And finally, the wheels. They strongly affect the ride.

Wheels vary in size and hardness. The larger and harder the wheel, the greater the speed, but harder to do tricks. The smaller and softer the wheel, the slower, but easier to learn to do tricks and less vibration on poor pavement. The size and softness marked on the outside of the wheel. The price of the wheels ranges from $ 25 to $ 60 per set.

A very fancy set of wheels with ball bearings FKD Abec 5 costs about $ 70. For the safety of riding the most important thing – skate shoes. This Shoes should be well to keep his leg, shock absorption, be strong enough to maintain reliable contact with the board. The hallmark of skate shoes for a rubber insert for better grip with the skin. In addition, almost all of the skate shoe made with a double, and in some places even with triple stitching for durability. Another feature – soft language centered on the gum, even laces can be no tie. Thanks to him reduced risk of dislocation of the ankle joint, one of the most common injuries in skateboarding. Skate shoes are made mostly of composite materials. Some models are made entirely of synthetic materials, because they are better for the clutch and make it easier to sneakers. Ed Templeton, owner of Toy Machine, a professional skateboarder, designer and an active defender of animals, rides only shoes made of synthetic materials.