Valencian Community

The paella is the dish star of the Valencian Community and over time, has become a reference of Spanish gastronomy at the international level. At the end of the 19th century, close to Valencia’s orchards peasants gathered in the field and prepared arros in paella. And it’s, in Valencian and catalan, the word paella makes reference to the skillet in which used to prepare. With the passage of time, this humble dish expanded its ingredients: the skillet was cornered to make way for the known container of two handles and the recipe was renamed with the only Word with which it is now known. For its preparation (cooking paella) is used as rice bomb, a variety of soft texture that swells once elapsed time medium grain.

To not break down stored starch and we still loose, but you should be careful because you need a quantity of greater than other rice water. There are countless varieties of paella, although all of them, the most traditional is the paella valenciana, in addition rice is prepared with typical garden vegetables as tender green beans (ferradura), tender bean beans (tabella) and white, thick and mantecosas beans known as receta, accompanied by chicken and rabbit, the animals that were originally bred in the barracks. It is made by pouring oil in a paella pan placed over low heat. When it is hot the chopped meat, turns are FRY and add vegetables. Stir well and add rice, saffron, paprika and water. When it boils, it is seasoned to taste.

To make a good paella (cooked paella valenciana) pure olive oil should be used. The proportions of rice tend to be about 100 grams per person and double the amount of water. No you should never wash. You must choose a container of adequate size, allowing to make the rice crosswise, not to the top.