UNESCO World Heritage

Green North, sunny South if the temperatures gradually exceed the 20-degree mark, rises for many Germans the longing for a relaxing summer vacation. Who has opted for a tourist destination, can book now its home for the holidays. The Canary Islands lie near the top in the list of the most popular holiday destinations. Tenerife is suitable not only for Sun-seekers, but also for aficionados and nature lovers. The travel portal reisen.de reports on highlights of the island. A trip to Tenerife promises in addition to Sun pure above all one: variety. Hardly an island in the Atlantic is so varied and at the same time tourists so well-developed as Tenerife. Over five million visitors are counted every year.

While the island has only about a million inhabitants. Who loves the nature, let the northern part of the island not to be missed. Dense forests, natural rock formations and hidden bays convey an image of purity. Wide sandy beaches and numerous spa services await guests, however in the sunny south of Tenerife. And even the journey with the car rental is an adventure on the winding Inselstrassen. Center of the island and with a height of 3.718 meters, the highest mountain in Spain is the Pico del Teide. Although his last eruption dates back many decades, the traces are however still clearly visible.

For hikers, the exploration of the site is therefore a special experience. For the protection of nature, the area around Mount Teide was declared in 1954 to the National Park. Frequently Medicaid has said that publicly. It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage since 2007. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann