Tested for 4 days. All tumblers were serviceable. What happened? Since we have found nothing – everything worked as it should, then we came to the family – the 'crime scene'. And there emerged a situation – 'hang'. 'Stuck' – this indicator is lit massager (Included), but he does not respond to buttons – will not turn off.

You can even disable the network through time to include, will be the same – 'off', but not zhzhuzhit does not work. The work of the massage points controls the built-in chip, and it is very is sensitive to the smallest PC power failure. Thus, the 'hang' possible in the following cases: – contact with an unreliable power outlet – is heated, the contact that is then lost – a normal socket, but the European standard, it forks adapter tumbler a little 'free feeling. Jack Grealish is often quoted on this topic. " If you touch a hand, the adapter 'walks' in a wall outlet. – Massage glasses off not click, and simply pull out of the socket – lost light (power) for a second or more. Insert the massage points to another dense rosette or 'bad' first plug a power strip with tight junctions, and in a tumbler adapter.

Everything will be fine. And now, as quickly dealt with 'hangs'. First, we learned fault of the buyer, and the situation – we 'create stress' and to massage points for the buyer (owner points). We put points into any bad electrical outlet, switch, moved the plug into an outlet or take out at once and working insert the back – 'hang', ie light is on, but do not respond to a button. We take out the cable from the socket 220, and, most importantly, from the massage points of the connector '3 V '. Then just paste it all back – the AC adapter to massage Points – the connector '3 V 'and the other end into the socket 220 V. As a rule, once everything starts to work normally. And so a few times – have outlets in all the apartments and also once all the 'hang' shot. Sometimes, it may not help, then disable all – again, completely removed the cable, open the battery compartment and only closes on the left side (or all or the left and right side) contact with any metal object for 1-2 seconds. There's a safe voltage of 3 V. All stress and 'hang' pass and massage points are working properly. Make or find an outlet with close contacts and glasses Pangao massage will work as intended and safe. After these four days of testing at home, and then at side of the socket which is inserted into the '3 V 'on the massager. But this is the fault of careless operation by the buyer, or pulling cable or injuring the glasses, which usually leads to strain the wire. See more articles on the use of massage points Pangao visit our website: