Traditional Toys

What is better suited for playing and learning? My children are grown up now and I report here about my experience with the grandchildren, especially I would like to here on the experience with my youngest grandson (Moritz, 7 years) go up. A conceptual explanation of traditional toys means classic toys made of wood, like for example a doll for the girl or a bench made of wood for the boys for me. But I count to do so also LEGO bricks and hand puppets, finger puppets. Electronic toys for me is everything that has to do with computer, console and portable game devices. A lance for the Classic Toy break my husband, Grandpa by Moritz, can get very little with the new toy. It so happens that our grandson, is he plays during the holidays to visit, but with traditional toys. Just because my man then brings out the Board game collection and we together halma or man get angry you don’t play.

Moritz has suited mE very much tactics and that begins to learn mill and checkers. Grandpa want to start with chess, the Royal board game. There, Moritz can learn very much and chess teaches logical thinking, but above all the deliberate actions alongside with an opponent who is flesh and blood. The socializing is really one of the advantages of classic board games. Hand puppets, and finger puppets are great fun for the little ones. The various characters of the puppet theater, to be sent first and foremost the punch and crocodile, used to tell educational tales. I have used the doctor’s hand puppet, to explain the grandchildren necessary vaccinations, and so the fear of the doctor can take.

The dream of many little girls is finally doll houses and Doll horse stable made of wood, but also for the guys, there’s something equivalent: A bench made of wood screws and working tools, such as wrench and screws – screwdriver. First technical skill is learned so playful. Electronic toy Moritz has its first video game at the age of 3 for the TV. Playful with the V he learned device to assign different colors and shapes. The whole was declared by an outstanding language issue child-friendly and so quickly generates success. He has given a portable console with 6 years, also equipped with educational software. Playful, so the first school learning outcomes were applied and deepened. Resume a toy made of wood (Workbench), as well as electronic toys can be consciously used, useful for the development of the child. I find the mix of electronic and traditional toys makes sense.