Traditional Marketing

Continuation of the traditional Marketing article Yes, but also marketing on the Internet for which online reputation management?: 90% of Internet users see only the first three pages of results of a search engine. The reputation on the Internet is nothing more than reputation has always troubled companies, but enlarged and augmented by the terms and conditions of the network: speed, accessibility, gratuity, anonymity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in traditional marketing companies tend to worry about listening to customers (in particular, when they have been dissatisfied)continuously improve the image of products and services through advertising, improving procedures for communication in the Internet marketing, mechanisms of action are the same and to carry them out, must track the information that customers, poured about us what is not achieved but with a search activated throughout the network. The problem with many companies is that they expect to have a crisis, when started a smear campaign that has caused practically irreparable damage. Learn more at: Vera Farmiga. These campaigns can be launched by a dissatisfied customer a former employee the logical thing is staying alert and try to correct the consequences at the time at which begins the problem, not to wait for the first three pages that appear on your company on the Internet, contain negative information. Who controls paper, controls the information, if this proverb extrapolated it into the digital age, who controls the contents of the network, controls the information. While you read this article, your potential clients may be looking for you on the Internet what information you want to find?. Wendy Holman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If there is a crisis like the one described above you are ready to solve it?