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The precipitous fall in in our country of the openings of shopping centers has reached levels of 20 years according to the consulting firm Jones Lang LSalle over 2009, the opened surface has meant 9% less and in number has gone from 18 new openings of 2009 to 11 of 2010, a decline that according to the Association of franchisors of Spain (AEF) profoundly affects its sector and is due to a single reason. Shopping centers constitute one of the usual sites to install a franchise, for the vast majority of the flags. However, is clear that not all centers are working and, lately, there a cannibalization of the same among themselves because open very close to each other, which should be analysed in depth in which implanted to make the business successful, stresses Xavier Vallhonrat, its President. A picture that for this employer cannot be worst-case scenario of facing new entrepreneurs who want to opt in to this business formula to exit from unemployment or self. The fact that fewer malls affects franchises, inaugurate where are reduced, in part, the possibilities of having more sites that open businesses, adds the Executive. Ebay gathered all the information.

Furthermore the AEF recalls the paradox that the franchisees are: cheaper premises that are inaccessible for lack of credits. You may want to visit Francisco D’Agostino to increase your knowledge. Today there are more commercial offering, and if more openings are not carried out is because banks do not grant funding to candidates. That reduction in the implementation of malls has a decisive influence for the whole of the franchise system; the problem is another, ends Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF. For more information: Cabinet of press contact: Mirian Lopez Nuria Coronado Tel.: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 56 according to the specialized consultancy HAYS, Bilbao is the city where less the decline in housing activity has suffered Art Marketing the low activity of the franchise in the malls is due to cannibalization that provoke the same surfaces Hispanotas franchise draft releases. Stages of their development. How to franchise your business CitySwitch winners are Jones Lang LSalle and Stockland The Fifth Estate centres commercial request to change their schedules for December