The Centuries

With happening of the centuries, the traditions are accumulated and are growing, as well as the rituals and the laws. The history that goes everywhere of oral form through generations, in detail grows rich and explanations on our origins, ours relation with the divine thing, and all the forms and rituals that we used to demonstrate that relation. So that a religion is created, we needed: an explanation on our origins, the definition of a deity (or more), the concept of how it is that deity and what we can hope of its behavior, the expectations that are had of us, and a group of laws and rituals that define our our relation with the deity. This set of beliefs is a doctrine, and is everything what we needed (except in America, that only they need one licenses sent by Internet). Therefore, a religion is only a cultural manifestation. From the animistics to the poltestas and of there to monotheists, religions have evolved. Four of the five religions more important (considering only the number of followers) are relatively new. Judaism, the cristiandad, the Islam and the buddhism.

Oldest of the four, the Judaism, the first religion monotheist, has only 3,300 years of antiquity (counting from Moiss and the delivery of the Talmud). Between these four religions and the Hinduism that is politesta and much more old, counts with more of 80% of the world-wide population like followers. The great majority of people in the world practices a certain religion and not another one, porqueha been born in a place or a family that practices that religion. Even the relatively small number of people that chooses its beliefs when they are adult, it does influenced by his circumstancias sometimes or their surroundings. The religions are organizations inspired by God, but designed and controlled by the men. They are very useful for million people who find in them a form to arrive at the divinity, a way to find sense at many difficult moments that the life has.