Tenerife Seminar: More (food) Success Through Better Knowledge Of Human Nature

Executives and independent learning, to assess other people quickly and to build up a wire to them. “‘ I look at it it you ‘-better knowledge of human nature through face reading, body language and communication.” So reads the title of a seminar, which carries out the coach and consultant Kurt-Georg Scheible, Goppingen, Germany/Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from 25 September to 2 October 2008 in Tenerife. In the seminar on the Canary Island, Safa provides self-employed workers, executives and vendors, how people can first assess using their body language and then speak. This, the participants should be enabled in the situation, to avoid misunderstandings and problems – both professionally and personally in contact with other people. During their stay in Tenerife, the participants should also relax.

Accordingly, the seminar is designed. After the arrival of the first block of two-day seminar held on September 26 and 27. In this, the participants engaged in the subject of face reading. (Similarly see: Stanley Rose). You learn that Mimic of other people to perceive and interpret. Among sellers, need, according to SAFA, who for many years was Managing Director and Sales Director of several companies, this ability if they are customers. But for executives it is useful – for example, if you want to learn how their statements arrive at their employees.

After the first block of the seminar, the participants a day have free. This was followed by another two-day seminar module. In this, the topic is first body language on the program. Now the participants know what reveals them in addition to the facial expressions, posture and gestures about their conversation partners. The goal here: Participants should quickly develop a sense for their partners, so that they find the right words in conversation with them. Consequently, the topic is communication in the program on the fourth and final day of the seminar. Go to rusty holzer for more information. Now, the participants learn to attract other people individually and through a “respectful and empathic inquiries” whose Desires and needs to explore. The time remaining until the trip is the participants to relax and to get to know the island of Tenerife at the disposal. The four-day seminar takes place in a five-star hotel on the Costa Adeje in Tenerife. 840 euros (plus VAT) To get the flight and accommodation costs. More about the seminar information at. You can contact also Kurt-Georg Scheible (Tel.: 0700-33441111, E-Mail:).