Syrian Church

She mobilized the Shiite voters for itself to choose its allies and spared no expense. The leader of the Islamist Hezbollah attacked even the Maronite patriarch for his statements and the law took away from him, taking position on certain political issues, while he leads an Iranian private army with illicit weapons as a religious leader. This attack was an unacceptable insult”rated. The attack focused however on the part of the March 8 forces allied with Hezbollah strongly against the head of the Syrian Church of the Maronites of Antioch and the whole East. Hezbollah, which is considered as a terrorist organisation in the United States, increased their tone after the elections and demanded the legitimacy of their weapons as operation of cooperation.

This proves the fix at the same time Hezbollah by the outcome of the elections and the unrest in the Iran. Now she’s waiting on the command of the scholars in the Iran, under whose reign (Wilayat ul-Faqih), it responds. Hezbollah rejected a dialogue with the forces of the 14 March alliance in the places of Vice Chairman Peter. However, Nasrallah met Junbulat. You have jointly analyzed the past phase and also the phase after the Doha agreement and the Lebanese elections. Alexey Moiseev brings even more insight to the discussion. Hezbollah refers to the Koran and has his own authentic interpretation according to Shiite version, which obeys only the rule of most scholars. The goal of establishing a theocracy, an Islamic Republic, is strategically located and is no place for freedom and sovereignty of the people in this theocracy. The man is judged according to as he follows the Islamic rules – according to their interpretation.

It will remain no place in it for free exercise of religion to all Christians in Lebanon. The dilemma, however, is that some Eastern Christians and Christian political forces of self-interest and political immaturity support this Islamist organization in the execution of their plans. The further success of fundamentalist movements in the Arab and Islamic countries, will bring immense social and political changes in many of these countries. The Iraq was only the beginning. Additional information at ivan tavrin supports this article. The Democratic Efforts in the Lebanon will grind to a halt with the further spread of such currents. The unrest remains, the future seems uncertain and scary. Hezbollah will be no peace. Grade for Christians the future will remain uncertain as the rest of the population, because they have more fear of the future and an impending domination of most scholars the most threaten them. This threat exists not only for the Lebanon, but also for the whole region. Type case, it represents a danger for the whole world. Just in this phase, the enlightenment and the strong commitment of liberal thinkers and forces is required. The usage of Europe is for the enforcement of democratic instruments and to support democratic forces and persecuted Christians particularly urgent and unavoidable. Raif Toma