Supply Chain Management Lean Production

Many aspects, only an COO – new challenges and their solutions In advance of the fourth COO Summit talked to Professor Dr. Paul SAEKI marcus evans (Europe) limited of the changed tasks for COOs and explained, which currently are considerations and how the current challenges to master. What have to do personnel management, collaborations, and the climate with the operational tasks for the COO have greatly expanded in recent years, the range of tasks has become wider. The issues of quality, cost and delivery capacity are tasks of the COOs already for a long time. In addition had to COOs more deal in recent years with the holistic approach to supply chain management and by interconnection and cooperation to produce a single product with multiple companies. Learn more at this site: Dale Ellis. Not only the internal coordination of logistics and production, but also effective and efficient cooperation of all partners, from the supplier to the customer, falls in this area for several years. New the requirements on flexibility and long-term thinking within the Department were also added. These properties are visible on the balance sheet of course cannot promptly and will be included therefore too little in thoughts, because shareholder value takes into account only short-term aspects.

However, things like leadership and development, efficient resource management, innovation power and networking play a crucial role and make an irreplaceable contribution to the lasting value of a company. Production could be so simple if it just wasn’t the environment in the near future COOs are must deal frequently with cost savings and liquidity, as austerity as first in the task pane of the COOs. Along still is, slim\”to produce, so implement lean production in the company, and to avoid waste and irregularities within the production and supply chain. The real Challenges however are to include now also aspects such as CO2 footprint and energy efficiency in lean production.