Coaching helps to more fully realize their inner potential, improve their personal effectiveness – and this is just what you need now. You can also contact the consultant, who Specializing in vocational guidance and job placement. After a series of tests and interviews you'll get recommendations for further job search. It is also useful and helps determine the order in which area you can apply their skills. If you have no desire or ability to appeal to a coach or consultant, please try the following. I note that this is just one of many tools that you can used to search for work.

Take a pen and paper. It is a pen and paper – computer monitor and keyboard do not give such an effect. Write a list of what you really want to do. Not a list of occupations or titles, and what exactly you would really be fun to do. What you do is pleasant, that carries you. Write to literally everything, no throw away – there is a risk to drop the most important. Unplug your internal filters, which manifest themselves internal resistance: "That's impossible!", "This is nonsense," "I is not!" and so on. Imagine that anything is possible! The most interesting thing that is really so.

It's yours and Once you yourself are putting obstacles. So, the list is compiled. Now look at it again: may need to add anything? Add and review the list again. Now the resulting list, select 3 points that are for you to Currently the most interesting.