Sorting Fonts Of Palo Seco

We find within the serif typefaces have several variants, we can be classified depending on their structural characteristics by: Grotescas fonts: – La G of low box is designed in two parts, find a lower eye-there is some contrast in the curved strokes, little but exists.-slight squaring in the curves-the end of curved strokes is not parallel to the base line, but that is tilted. Neo-Grotescas fonts: the low box G has the lower eye open.-the contrast is still less marked than with the grotesque-the thickness of the stroke is almost uniform-the end of the curved strokes is normally cruvado.Geometric – La base box G has the lower eye-normally open the box a low is not upward-curved strokes is normally straight-have No modulation and the thickness is constant. Humanist typefaces: – La box G low this built in two levels (with lower eye).-the thickness of strokes is not uniform-the end of strokes is normally straight. The use of fonts in our print design is the center of them, i.e. it is basic to know and understand the world of typography to make good final arts. Original author and source of the article.