Santa Century

The popular gift providers is not the invention of a large beverage Corporation. In some Internet sources is still to read, the red and white of our Santa’s outfit was a creation of the Coca Cola company to stimulate the international beverage sales in this way. This is no more than half the truth: while Coca Cola has been indeed a bearded Santa Claus (Santa Claus) since 1931 in red and white gap for advertising campaigns but you had already set the Christmas gift charm at this time on its colors. At the latest from the twenties of the 20th century are known depictions of Santa Claus in red and white. The beverage group attended during his campaigns for Christmas so fit a pre-existing color scheme, that ideal (certainly not by chance) to group colors.

The Nicholas to Santa Claus, the historical “Godfather” of today’s Santa Claus was Saint Nicholas: the Bishop Nicholas of Myra is a proven historical personality from the 4. century, the are many legends. This Bishop should have given away – so the stories tell – his entire possessions and goods to the needy. In this way explains why Nicholas moved into the Centre of a gift custom. For several hundred years the children on St.

Nicholas day get small gifts December 6. The transfer of the gift custom accompanied by starting on the 25th of December – and thus the transfer of St. Nicholas on the new figure of Santa Claus – was a consequence of the Reformation. In the Protestant faith was no room for veneration of Saints namely, so that the popular “Christmas present” no longer should be left to the Saint Nicholas. Therefore it has been Christmas through the mess. Consequently, earlier representations of Nicholas influenced also the optical design of the new Santa Claus. The red, fur-coat was probably invented in the 19th century, sat down but only in the following century and is today the distinctive appearance on the become all over the world. In Germany, the Santa Claus emerged largely as a symbolic figure and has assigned to a niche in some Catholic regions the “competing” Santa Claus. Jurgen Reschke