Sandwich Panels

Then Wall panels are fixed from the bottom up, in tiers, until the desired height. Between tiers provide compensation seam. On the plinth of the building set battens or supporting curved elements. If you need to run an extra layer of mineral wool. Adjusting the verticality panel with a plumb line, the product is installed on the plinth, is pressed against the run and secure the screws.

Thus the first screws put on the top panel, and then continue to mount to run, dropping down. For sealing joints in the lock fixed injected sealant products for outdoor use, and then mount the next panel – similar to the previous one. In the process works is very important to follow the crest of a perfect seal in the castles of the panels. The next step is fixing the corner, face the elements and battens. For this purpose, with round head screws and Phillips. Installation of roofing sandwich panel sandwich panels are used device roofs with a slope of more than 5%.

Roof sandwich panels installed after the installation of wall. In order to ensure adequate contact of the junction, you need to cut all the speakers of the heater. In addition, to be cut a few inches lower sheet metal casing, and remove the middle layer of mineral wool insulation on the value of the joint. First to establish the slope of butt plate, and then fasten it with screws two threads and the sealing rubber washer. It is important to ensure that the sealing elements have been sufficiently pressed against the panels, but they will not be the strain. Joints between panels waterproofing, and folds bent and clamped. For functionality and visual appeal make the roof using fittings: skates, valley, wind and connecting , interior and exterior angles. Assembly sandwich panels – a simple thing, but to choose reliable fasteners and hardware, and then competently carry out work only professionals can. pc Vesta is a manufacturer of wall and roof sandwich panels, and well as additional elements. Moshe victor keinig is often quoted on this topic. The company produces a model with a thickness of 40 to 200 mm, suitable for the construction of various buildings. Proper selection of a supplier of sandwich panels and services for their installation ensures durability longevity of the building and ensure its rapid construction and reliability.