Sade Health

The cells of the vascular endotlio, located in derme, express adhesion molecules that circulating linfcitos T capture they assist and them in the migration for fabric (ROBBINS; COTRAN, 2004). 3.2.O SUS in the Treatment of the Psoriase the Health department directly develops action by means of partnerships or with the States and Cities for purchase and medicine distribution, this goes of strategical medicines of basic the pharmaceutical assistance, medicines, the bonanza medicines for mental health and calls, that they are those necessary ones for the specific treatment of determined illnesses, as diabetes, arterial hipertenso, hansenase, psorase, malaria and those of high controlled cost and use. The Only System of Health, supplies to medicines the population gratuitously, is in the constitution: All Brazilian citizen has right the health. More what great part of the population does not know is that in this right also includes, beyond the medical and hospital attendance, medicines, gratuitously (CONASS, 2003). 3.2.1.Carta of Rights ' ' Letter of the Rights of the Users of the Sade' ' it brings information, so that the citizen knows and uses its rights in the hour to look attendance of health, in it these described six basic principles of citizenship that assures the Brazilian population the worthy ingression in the health systems, either public or private it. The Letter is a very important tool so that the citizen knows its rights and, thus, helps Brazil to have a more effective system of health (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2000). Principles of the Letter: 1.Todo citizen has right to the access commanded and organized to the health systems. 2.Todo citizen has right the adequate and effective treatment for its problem.

3.Todo citizen has right to the humanizado, acolhedor attendance and exempts of any discrimination. 4.Todo citizen has right the attendance that respects its person, its values and its rights. 5.Todo citizen also has responsibilities so that its treatment happens of the adequate form.