Relevant Information

And design, and support is engaged by someone else, you need not worry about it and even pay for it. But is easy? As is known, free cheese is only in a mousetrap, and electronic catalogs in this respect – is no exception. Often, they do represent a dump of information, s stumpy, abandoned, without providing little or no additional features, pointless copying each other. Register on such sites, of course, makes no sense, you're just wasting your time. But this does not mean that this idea should be discarded altogether. As distinguish between full-fledged business directory on another 'junk' resource? There are several options: – Relevance. How frequently do you update the catalog? Signs of quality resources, which are actively engaged in – the emergence of new 'Chips' quick reaction to feedback and questions from users.

Well, if the site features are not limited to only one directory, and if there is there any other relevant, regularly updated information section at Articles, etc. – The completeness of the information posted. Handbook gives you the opportunity to provide as much information about your company? If you see before you is only a primitive form with 2-3 fields, where you can only choose general scope of activities, but place a short description of your company – it's not just what you need. A full-featured e-business handbook should give you ample opportunity – even before placing price lists and presentations coordinates of key employees, certificates and photos, etc. Your company should be represented in the best form of her page should give the impression of a full mini-site. – Additional services. Is there the sites to benefit from some additional services, or if it allows only register your company – and this is limited. Decent portals must provide companies a number of additional services.

This may be a system of mini-tenders, which can be used to find the most advantageous provider, or service that allows your customers to inform about the planned for the near future promotions, etc. – Auditorium. This is also a very important point. Who most often uses this resource? If it is intended for companies and ordinary users do not come here practically, it is not just what you need. Registration on this site is unlikely to add you to customers and will benefit your company. – Design and navigation. This point is not the last value, though is the last in the list. For a directory of companies is important to have own face, he should not be a clone of hundreds of other similar resources. It must also be easy to use and intuitive for all visitors, and those who want to make information about the firm, and those who came to this information search. What is more convenient to use the system, the easier the user to find information about your company, not entangled in the 'wilds' incomprehensible interface. Picking the right business directory, do not take the time out to bring back as much information about your company. You do this once, and run your virtual office will be every day, 24 hours, without lunch breaks and weekends.