Better not to treat. Application of creams increased accumulation of sweat in the sweat ducts and leads to an increase of the phenomenon. The only treatment is avoidance of excessive heat and, at most, we can apply simple dusting with talcum powder. Parents need to get used to these skin eruptions. The children they work less than their parents! d) gluteal erythema (diaper rash) is a frequent and painful phenomenon of the first weeks of life. By arrival from the hospital you find that a child exists irritation around the genitals or anus. This does not mean that the child did not care as it should, this implies only that his skin needs special attention.

The redness is sometimes restricted zone anus, but can spread to the genital region, on top of the thighs. This redness is caused mostly by local factors: – Acid and frequent bowel movements in especially in children breastfed. Child's doctor may appoint an insulating ointment that protects baby's skin. He may also recommend a drug is administered orally for the correction of the trend towards acidic semi-liquid stool. – The use of (poor tolerance) pants made of synthetics, use too much detergent when washing diapers or insufficient rinsing after washing. If erythema persists or burdened, need to see a doctor who will determine, not whether it's intestinal or skin infection (from microbes or fungi). It is possible that the case in particular skin reaction, which requires long-term treatment (allergies, etc.). Recommendations: – The best tool for prevention and treatment of gluteal erythema – left uncovered, exposed to air, buttocks, genitals and pelvic area several times a day, with temperatures in the pa room should be around 22C – is not to wean the baby from the breast and not add another milk on the grounds that the mother's milk does not suit your child – do not use drugs for local and general treatment of otherwise than by doctor's orders – well caress baby clothes after washing.